3-Ingredient Healthy Frozen Yogurt Snack

I love to keep snacks on hand that are healthy and easy to make but my kids think are a special treat.  This is an especially awesome snack because it is only three ingredients, the kids can help make it, and my kids think I’m the best mom ever because I let them get it themselves from the freezer.

To make this very, very special treat that is like ice cream but really just greek yogurt and fresh berries, you only need three ingredients and one kitchen tool.


  1. Greek yogurt of your choice
  2. Raspberries
  3. Blueberries


  1. Ice Mold or Mini Muffin Tray


You can absolutely use any other berries of your choosing in this recipe; I have just found that raspberries and blueberries are easiest to munch on when frozen.

Once you have rounded up all of the ingredients and the one kitchen tool,  you can take a back seat and let your little one do the work.  I open up the yogurt pouches (this is what I have on hand for the littles, but a tub of yogurt would work too) and let them go to town squeezing the yogurt into the mold.

I have a silicon ice mold from Ikea that I use to make these.  It was $1 at Ikea and now I wish I stocked up on a few more.  If you have an Ikea near by, run and grab some.  They can be used for so many different things.  Not to mention, my littles think these frozen yogurt bites taste even better shaped like flowers.

Once the yogurt is in the mold, have them place a few berries on top of each pile of yogurt.  My littles really enjoy this part because they love to make patterns and I also catch them snacking on the berries while they do it.  Which is a total #momwin because who doesn’t want their kids snacking on berries.  Then into the freezer they go.

Once they are thoroughly frozen I like to take them out of the mold and put them in a freezer bag or tupperware so my oldest can help herself with my permission.  I make these weekly.  I love having them on hand because I know my littles are getting proper nutrition from a fun snack that they think is something more than it really is.

Have fun making these with your littles!



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