This Friday Files is really exciting for us! We had the privilege of trying out a makeup bag full of BeautyCounter products, thanks to CO’s Friend Emily, who happens to be a consultant for them. The thing that is so special about BeautyCounter is that they are composed of SAFE ingredients. They have actually posted a list of hazardous ingredients to watch out for  (so you’re better informed while perusing ingredient labels) as a tab at the top of their web page. And, when  you go to the website and read their story I’m forewarning you that it is both inspiring and eye opening. 


Em was kind enough to handover a bag full of goodies for us to try out (we might’ve held onto these so called goodies a tad longer than we should have) but- we wanted to make sure we really got a hang of what the products were all about.  It was full of so many great items.  I (LO) had noticed BeautyCounter, specifically the cleansing balm and rose water spray, at Target just days before she offered to let us try the products, so I was extremely excited about the timing.


We went through the bag and divided up a few items amongst ourselves to take to our respectives homes and try that night.  Once we did that we conversed and came up with our favorites.  It was hard to narrow it down, they were all so great, but out of the gigantic bag these are what we really really loved.


  • Cleansing Balm
  • Serum
  • Dew Skin
  • Face Oil
  • Every Night / Every Day
  • Charcoal Mask
  • Rose Water Spray

Charcoal Mask

The charcoal mask was my favorite item in the bag. It was truly something that I could see myself realistically working into my skincare regimens once a week. There was a subtle essential oil or tea tree oil smell to it that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  When I went to look up more information on the product’s website I saw I wasn’t alone in my adoration for this mask; The ratings were full of rave reviews! -CO

Dew Skin

This product is an Allure Best of Beauty 2015 pick and I can see why!  I use a zinc based sunscreen in my daily beauty regime.  The somewhat frustrating aspect of that is, it needs to be reapplied throughout the day to get the proper protection.  This posed a problem when I had makeup on (putting white sunscreen over makeup never worked out well, so I never did it).  I loved this product because it is a tinted moisturizer (which I use already) but this one has zinc sunscreen in it.  It tried it one day and applied in the morning, and throughout the day and each time it looked great.  Almost like a makeup refresher.   Not only did it combine two steps into one for me (sunscreen and tinted moisturizer) but I loved the “no makeup” look that this gave me with a subtle glow.  The website states that it Vitamin C is also an ingredient, which helps reduce the signs of aging!  Sun protection, even skin tone, and anti-aging : WIN WIN WIN!  Who doesn’t want to look put together and fresh faced without looking overdone on those days when you’re not actually in gym clothes or yoga pants. – LO

Cleansing Balm


To be completely honest I am currently using a no frills Cetaphil cleanser that is getting the job done. However, I’ve realized with the recent switch into colder weather my skin is SO dry. I am a camel (literally my family nickname) to begin with and really need to make a more conscious effort to drink water throughout the day but I think living in the humidity of Florida my skin has been able to balance itself out so far (that is until now). I absolutely need something more moisturizing with this sudden influx of cooler weather and this balm might just be heaven sent. Not only is it a best seller 100% of it’s users reported their skin feeling more hydrated and one reviewer even noted that she uses it as a nighttime moisturizer occasionally. -CO

I used this cleansing balm and it was wonderful.  Just as CO said above it most definitely left my skin feeling hydrated and fresh for the day.  I am a big fan! – LO

Lip Sheer


This lip Sheer was not in the bag but it was totally something I am planning on scooping up. I know that our skin is a living and breathing part of our bodies and that it can absorb toxins in the air surrounding it. Yet, there is something about putting lipstick on your mouth that really makes you feel like it has priority to be all natural and clean. These are the lips I kiss my little babes with. Shouldn’t I be investing in a good product? Add on the fact that it is sheer (aka something I can wear during the day and into the night) and you’ve got me sold. -CO

Soothing Face Oil


I used this face oil one day in the morning and evening when my skin was feeling especially dry.  This balancing face oil definitely helped my skin feel hydrated and scent was not overwhelming.  As the website says this oil is plant based, not synthetic.  Synthetic oils sit on the top of the skin while plant based oils absorb into the skin.  I can attest to this.  I was nervous that the oil would sit on my face and make it feel oily throughout the day, but it absorbed right in and gave me a nice glow. (this is also listed as a best seller on the website)- LO

Nourishing Rose Water Mist


I used this spray in the afternoon one day when I needed a pick me up.  I have been using the Caudalie Beauty Elixer but this Beauty Counter Rose spray gives that one a run for its money!  I actually prefer the smell of the Rose Water Spray.  It is great for when you feel a little run down in the afternoon.  It is also awesome as a makeup setting spray.  – LO

Every Day, Every Night, & Serum Creams


The Daily Moisturizer, Nightly Mositurizer, and Rejuvenating Serum were all amazing.  The were lightweight and lift my skin feeling hydrated without a film over the top of my skin that most moisturizers do.  I used the serum under the moisturizers.  The BeautyCounter site states that the serum helps reduce the signs of wrinkles, improves hydration and improves skin tone.  – LO


Family & Kids


Another collection I would love to check out is their Baby and Kids lines.  They look beautiful and they even have a “Welcome Baby” gift set.  Which I am sure would be a wonderful gift for a new mama with a baby bird on the way!


We so appreciate Em allowing us to try this products for a week (or a few!).  We loved BeautyCounter’s mission to get safer products into everyone’s hands, and these are truly amazing products!  Check out our favorites and if you would like some expert advice shoot us an email and we can put you in touch with Emily!

In addition, if there is something you just know you’ll love you should be able to find it here: http://www.beautycounter.com/emilydostie

-LO + CO

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