Friday Files: Our Favorite Healthy Kid Snacks

Happy Friday!

For this week’s Friday Files, we decided to share Our Favorite Healthy Kid’s Snacks.  Between the two of us we have an arsenal of healthy snack options we constantly keep on hand for when our littles get hangry (and they do get HANGRY at least 3 times a day, am I right?!).  So without further adieu, below are our tried and true favorites we consistently rely on to keep our littles well nourished and whatever the opposite of hangry is!


To be honest, this is a good snack list for adults as well! I find it to be very true, I eat what my kids eat or vice-versa, so why not make sure everyone is eating well!


Honest Kids


We love these juices because they are organic and contain no added sugar in the ingredients list (which is surprisingly hard to find products without some form of added sugar). The pouch states “sweetened only with fruit juice” and you don’t feel like you’ve gotten hit with a truck full of sugar when you taste it. It is a subtle fruit flavor which makes it a win win for kids and parents.



My kids love popcorn and usually associate it with movie nights, simply because that is when I think to buy it but it is a fun treat to have! I recently ran across the Buddha Bowl Himalayan Sweetness, which looks incredible, but of course the Boom Chicka Pop and Skinny Pop are brands we see more frequently in our local Publix and Target stores.

Frozen Yogurt Bites



Frozen Yogurt can really be as simple or as complicated as you choose to make it. Sometimes it’s as easy as throwing the entire Yogurt Squeeze Box into the freezer so that your kids can tear off the top, run the bottom under warm water, wrap a paper towel around it and push it up like a popsicle. Other times you can use your silicone mold like in Lo’s post here on a three ingredient frozen yogurt snack. We’ve also seen drizzling it on bananas and adding toppings. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy!

Apple Slices


Again, like the yogurt, this can be super easy. Our littles love to eat apple slices with a scoop of peanut or almond butter to dip it in.  This healthy peanut butter mousse we made a few months ago is also a big hit!  Another favorite is apple slices tossed in lemon juice and sprinkled with cinnamon, this is a go-to in LO’s house!  If you feel real fancy, you can also slice your apple horizontal and all the way through (make sure you core the apple first) for more of a “bagel slice” to make sandwiches.

Yogurt Ranch Dip

Vegetables and dip

On a previous Friday Files,  we mentioned a healthy alternative for normal store bought ranch dressing. The instructions can be found here.  It’s easily made by mixing a little ranch mix in a Plain Greek Yogurt Container and then I dip baby carrots right in that container. Other times, we will get fancy and serve it in a pretty bowl surrounded by sliced cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes and broccoli. Again, the level of effort is up to you, and for me it really depends on the day we’re having.

For a dairy-free alternative try So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt – we did and it’s just as delicious!  They have coupons available on their site!


Mini Lara Bars & Lara Bar Bites


Larabars are a staple in LO’s house.  We use these as midmorning or afternoon snacks a few times a week.  My girls think they are a special treat, and I happily let them!  Larabars are made primarily with dates and come in an assortment of flavors.  The only sweeteners, if used, are usually cacao nibs, vanilla extract, or honey.  Most are considered compliant with the paleo diet and a few, although not to be used frequently, comply with the Whole30 diet.  These are definitely a no guilt snack! These are great to keep in a diaper bag or purse to fight hunger while out, instead of spending money on a less healthy quick grab!

Recently we came across the Larabar Bites and they a AH-Mazing!!  My littlest is obsessed.  Definitely worth a try!   The bars and bites can be found at Target, Whole Foods, most grocery stores and of course Amazon.

Veggie Straws

veggie straws

Veggie Straws are non-GMO, cholesterol free, gluten free, and do not contain artificial flavors or preservatives.  A serving contains 38 straws (hello!! That’s more than a handful!).  They taste amazing and contain veggies with every bite.  It’s worth noting the zesty ranch flavor is maybe even better than sea salt.  These can be found at Target and most grocery stores!

Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies

org_cheddar_bunnies_regularsizeThis is my go-to alternative to Gold Fish and Cheez-its.  My kids love these!  I love them because they are made with organic cheese and wheat, non-gmo, and are produced without antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or pesticides.  The bunny shape is just as novel as the goldfish and they are small enough for my littlest to eat as well.  This is another great snack to throw in your purse, diaper bag, or a lunchbox to have on hand while out with the littles.

Mini Banana PB Sandwiches

Lately, my oldest has been a big fan of Banana PB Sandwiches.  I don’t mean sandwiches in the traditional sense, there is zero bread involved. Bananas and Peanut Butter are the only two ingredients, and banana slices serve as the vehicle for peanut butter.  I slice up a banana into discs and then put a dollop of PB on each slice.  Sometimes she leaves them as open-faced discs and other times she combines two to make a mini sandwich.  These are also awesome when thrown in the freezer!  If you take it even further, you could make a healthy dessert by freezing these sandwiches and then dipping them in chocolate and freezing again! The possibilities are endless!


Finding healthy, easy to grab snacks can be daunting, especially when mini humans are demanding food!  We hope this helps in your time of hunger-need!!







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