TOTcho Night

 TOTcho Night


You read right. Not Nacho, TOTcho!

Earlier this week we were discussing a post on easy Fourth of July sides, easy Fourth of July meals, and just plain easy entertaining ideas. Then LO said the magic words that will never be forgotten. TOTchos. We couldn’t shake the strong desire to try this delicacy out so we rounded up the troops (our families) and necessary supplies and got to work.

CO originally set up the cutest outdoor table for dinner and the water toys for the kids to play with but once again rain decided to sabotage a backyard dinner so we moved everything inside.

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Easy Buffalo Chicken Salad



Dinner ruts. We all have them. I know the recipe I’m about to share isn’t groundbreaking but it’s pretty healthy, doesn’t require getting pots or pans dirty, and yet tastes so good like it’s unhealthy (cue the memory of those fried buffalo salads you got at Chili’s in high school).

Grocery Shopping List:

Produce Section (Organic if you can): Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Mini Bell Peppers, Red Onion, Avocado

Deli: Classic Oven Roasted Rotisserie Chicken (You can make this shortcut even shorter by buying already cooked, grilled, and sliced chicken breast with no antibiotics or hormones. I have done this at Trader Joe’s) Continue reading

Healthy Trail Mix



I try to make my kid the “healthy lunch kid.” I would love it if he embraced that title but sadly, he is the “picky eater kid”. So, I’m often shifting new items in and out of his lunch only to find it had been nibbled on and put back in or just flat out not touched at all during lunch. The other day his teacher happened to ask what was in the trail mix I had sent him with. Apparently he wasn’t a fan…but she was! I decided to share my home made mix on here because it is so easy and tasty! I literally buy the ingredients, dump them in a bowl and mix them together! I like to keep the finished product in a large air tight Tupperware container. I will pour it into a mason jar to snack on while I’m doing chores around the house or zip lock bag it for running errands.

UPDATE: Since posting this I’m excited to say all of his rotating teachers have made the trail mix and snack on it during the day for a sweet, healthy, energy snack!


Ingredients: Vanilla Almond Agave Back to Nature Granola (or something similar), Raw Almonds, Pepitas (Pumpkin Seeds), Dried Organic Cranberries, and Coconut Flakes





Snack Hack: Peanut Butter Mousse

It’s time for another snack hack!

Peanut Butter Mousse (or Almond Butter if you prefer)!!

This hack is one of our favorites because it is so easy to whip up and only requires three ingredients, all of which are reasonably healthy.  It is a super easy, versatile snack to keep on hand for your littles when hunger strikes (and let’s be totally honest, we enjoy it just as much) .  We love making this at the beginning of the week so we can pull it out at a moments notice as a fun, interactive snack to keep the littles happy during the week.

We are big fans of healthy snacks we feel no guilt giving our littles and make us look like super mom’s in the eyes of our children.

Almond Butter, Agave (or Honey), and Coconut Milk


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3-Ingredient Healthy Frozen Yogurt Snack

I love to keep snacks on hand that are healthy and easy to make but my kids think are a special treat.  This is an especially awesome snack because it is only three ingredients, the kids can help make it, and my kids think I’m the best mom ever because I let them get it themselves from the freezer.

To make this very, very special treat that is like ice cream but really just greek yogurt and fresh berries, you only need three ingredients and one kitchen tool.

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