Friday Files

Happy Friday!  Most of all HAPPY VETERAN’s DAY!  We are so grateful to our Veteran’s who fearlessly served our country and continue to do so.  We would not be afforded the liberties we enjoy daily without them.


 Purple Shampoo


Thanks to my girl Brittany over at True Hue Salon I’ve been using Unite Blonda Shampoo once or twice a week as a replacement to my regular shampoo. Thanks to her recommendation my blonde has been looking really bright and it’s prevented that usual few-weeks-post-hair-color brassy, faded blonde look!  If you are blonde and looking for a way to keep your locks bright check out Unite Blonda Purple Shampoo!  If you are in need of a stylist who can keep you a pretty shade of blonde or give you a fresh cut, give Brittany a call!  I leave happy with my cut and color every single time and she is great at recommending products that are useful!


 Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup


I may be late to the Munchkin Miracle Cup party but it is definitely a miracle!  My youngest needs to learn to drink from a regular cup soon and ALL of our sippy cups leak (all over the house).  This cup is perfect for learning to drink from a real cup and it doesn’t leak!!  WIN WIN!  You can drink from any edge of the cup and it has a silicon cap that keeps it from leaking/spilling. Oh, and if that’s not enough to sell you, it is so easy to clean too!  Just three pieces, no small little sippy cup pieces, or multiple parts of straws, etc.  If you are in the market for a new cup for your toddler, I recommend checking out the Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup!


Blanket Scarf

I can’t link this because it was from THE DOLLAR SPOT at Target!!  When I go to Target I usually do a quick scan of the dollar section when I first walk in (as I assume most people do 😉 ).  Last week on my usual scan I found a Blanket Scarf for….. $7.  SEVEN DOLLARS.  Of course it went in my cart and came home with me. I have never seen a blanket scarf this cheap.  It is the perfect tartan plaid pattern and it is REALLY big, thick, and super soft!  This is a public service announcement – check your Target Dollar Spot for this scarf every single time you go to Target!  Three days later I was there with my mom and they didn’t have any!! (In the last week or so I’ve noticed sometimes there are just a few on the shelf or they aren’t there)


Madewell Sleep Tight PJ

If you know me well, you know it is no secret I am a big fan of sweats and pj’s.  Right now Madewell has two that I am loving.  My favorite is by far the embroidered “Sleep Tight” PJ set.  It looks so cozy!



ogimageI have been an avid user of OpenTable for the last few years.  I just assumed everyone knew how great it was and used it, but when talking with a few friends I realized not everyone was aware of this amazing app.  The basic premise of the app is you use it to make reservations at restaurants (in my experience there are thousands of restaurants on here) and when you show up they give you points for your reservation.  You accumulate points, which then at certain increments can be cashed in for an Opentable gift certificate, which can be used at any restaurant on the app OR an amazon gift card (which is a recent addition).  I love this app because it has been so helpful while traveling.  When we are in a different city we use the app to help us find a new restaurant and explore our destination.  I find it helps us from falling into touristy traps and doing as the locals do.  It was “100” as the kids say during our trip to NYC.  Every restaurant we tried was on the app and all were amazing.  I also love the ease of making a reservation.  Most times I log on just before we walk into a restaurant just to get the points.  It has also come in handy when quickly making Holiday Dinner Reservations.  I made New Years Eve reservations just last week in a matter of minutes!  If you don’t have it download it now.  You can’t lose.






Dot is a new TV series on Sprout that my five year old daughter has actually grown quite fond of. One evening my son fell asleep extremely early after a crying fit of skinning his knee on the sidewalk and we got to have some uninterrupted girl time. She requested that I watch this with her. I was super impressed (especially after I realized that the concept was created by the Zuckerberg family. Yep – Facebook founders) with the intention of teaching a balance between being tech saavy and still enjoying friends and the outdoors (real life). This is the book that goes along with the show.

YoKids Birthday Cake Squeezers


Have you guys seen these before? I haven’t. Maybe I’m late to the party but I stumbled upon these at Winn Dixie and my children thought I was “the best mom in the world” letting them eat Birthday Cake yogurt for breakfast (only 8g of sugar). I’m hoping that these limited edition squeezers soon become a permanent staple in a world run by cherry and berry flavors.

Charging Cable Keychain


I’ve posted tassel keychains in the past. I just love them. A few weeks ago as I was checking out at Nordstrom Rack I ran into this fancy little number. A tassel keychain + charge and sync cable. Say whattt?! Super affordable too!

My Fitness Pal


Lo + I recently joined the gym together because although we had set HIGH hopes of running a half marathon by our 30th and working out every day… that just wasn’t happening. We were falling in and out of the routine. Thankfully, the gym membership came with a free assessment and I got to know where I was at. This app has been really helpful tracking calories and reminding me to enter them in. When you sign up you enter in your age, height, and goal weight – along with your activity level. Then it tells you how many calories you should be eating to maintain that weight. You can search basically anything you are eating and find it in there. Awesome.

7 Ft Prelit Tree – $50!!!


This deal is short lived so capitalize on it while you can! Michaels is running a huge markdown on it though tomorrow for Veteran’s day. It is pre-lit but has none of the decorations from the picture above. Which means you still get to do the fun part. I still love picking out a fresh tree but this one is slim and would be a great second tree, office tree or even perfect for a smaller apartment.

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