Friday Files: Summer Style

Happy Friday!

This week CO and I decided to focus on our Summer Style must haves.  It is getting MUCH hotter (read UGLY HOT) in our neck of the woods, and all we can think about is how to dress as cool as possible (cool as in temperature and style 🙂 ).

Here are our picks!


Madewell: Striped One-shoulder Dress

The perfect summer dress right here!  This dress is the epitome of what summer style looks like to me.  It’s high on my must have list.  There’s not much else I can say about it!  If you are looking for something similar but with a smaller price tag, JCrew Factory has a good alternative. This Striped Chambray Ruffle-Neck Dress is just as cute, especially the cold-shoulder detail!

Birkenstock: Arizona Sandal in Copper

I was reluctant to like the “ugly shoe” trend.  I can’t say I have seen anything worthwhile in the ugly shoe department until these copper Birkenstocks caught my eye.  As a mom, the ease of slip on sandals is a very attractive.  I’ve been contemplating Birkenstocks for this reason.  These Black Rubber Birkenstocks caught my eye and ALMOST made me jump into the ugly shoe trend but they were still just a little too ugly for me (but the low price tag was also tempting).  Then these beauties caught my eye!  Dare I say, the copper makes them beautiful.  They are versatile enough to go with almost any breezy summer outfit; The Madewell dress, denim shorts and a top, really anything! These baby’s make the ugly shoe trend worth looking into.

Wide Brimmed Hat with Leather Detail

I have a thing for hats.  (This may be in part to my fair skin and being more conscious of taking care of it as I get older – thanks to a lecture from my dermatologist.)  Honestly though, I have always loved hats, they are my go to touristy item to buy on vacation too.  So as it stands each spring/summer season I find myself looking for another to add to my growing collection.  Last year I acquired this Panama Hat, which has served me well and I still love to this day.  As much as I love the panama hat (this one may make me buy another) I have been on the hunt for a wider brimmed straw hat and this one is perfect.  The leather detail adds just enough to make it different from other straw hats.  The wider brim also provides a bit more protection from the sun too!

*If you’re in the market for hats, C also shared an awesome monogrammed hat in this post (discount code is in there too – bringing it to just around $20!).

Madewell: Off the Shoulder Top

I’m completely stating the obvious when I say this, but the off the shoulder trend is big right now (I know… groundbreaking news here!).  My personal style tends to be a little more classic, which tends to make me have a hard time jumping into trends right away (see the Ugly Shoe trend above).  This top is simple and classic and I totally plan to add to my wardrobe.  Plus, it looks nice and breezy cool, which is exactly what we need here in the Florida heat.

Floral Print Wrap Dress

A wrap dress is the perfect go to dress for summer.  It is breezy to help you stay cool, it looks effortless, and it’s versatile.  It can be worn for date night, an outdoor wedding, sunday morning church, a casual lunch date, the list can go on and on.  This one has a classic style and could be worn again each spring/summer season.  Also, it’s under $100 so you can’t go wrong picking this one up!



Kaftan Dress

I’m going to fall down the rabbit hole a minute but stay with me. There’s this feeling that can’t be beat after a beach day. Your skin is warm and sun kissed. You’ve got salt in your hair and you rinse off, throw on a cute dress, some lip balm and go to dinner with family or friends. THAT is a good day. Am I right? Since I was a little kid I’ve always loved that feeling and I hope I never take it for granted. To me, this dress is the perfect answer to that evening.

Woven Tote

How perfect is this tote for running errands this summer? Throw it on with some distressed jean shorts or boyfriend jeans, white pocket tank and black tassel sandals or slide on flip flops. You have just mastered the effortless chic look. It comes in multi-color and a black-natural option and I can’t decide which one I like more. Did I mention it’s under $30?

Stripe Tank Dress

I have had my eye out for a versatile dress like this for a while. It is the jack of all trades dress. You can run errands in it, grab lunch with a friend, dress it up for dinner with some jewelry and lip stick. You name it!

Cognac Slides

 I have these in metallic silver and wear them all of the time. Online I saw coral, black and gold still available but I’m sure they have a few other options still in your local store. They also have a great gladiator collection!

Ruffle Off the Shoulder Blouse

As LO already stated we’re clearly not alone in our love affair for the off the shoulder trend or the chambray denim trend. You see them at all price ranges and in almost every store… but this top incorporates all of the above with a subtle stripe twist! At only $35.00 it’s a top that is sure to be worn a lot.

Have a great weekend! We’ll be back on Monday with a Mindful Monday post!


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