Girl Dress Shoes

The holidays are here! How did that happen? Sorry we totally missed the boat on a Black Friday and a cyber Monday post. I feel like that has to be a sin in the blogger world. Instead… I put together this little girl dress shoes guide because if you happen to live in a warm state like we do your daughter/s live in sandals during the Spring & Summer. Then as soon as temps dip below 70 we get excited and order cute little boots and booties for our fashion forward littles… completely forgetting that when they dress up those booties won’t quite work with every outfit. So, here is the round up from left to right order; top to bottom:

1. Studded Flats – Amazon (I didn’t add a link for these because there were so many to chose from providing different sizes, colors and shipping options but some of the brand names I saw were QQ & Nova) $20 & under and Here AND Ivanka Trump’s line has similar ones for little girls!! 

2. Bow Knot Princess Shoes

3. Glitter Slip On

4. Gold Strap Flats

5. Glitter Bow Flats

6. Patent Ballerina

7. Suede Sabrina Shoe

8. Chasing Fireflies Flats

9. Jelly Shoes

10. Heart Flats (These are not in the collage above nor are they holiday being light pink but for under $12 and just being adorable I felt they needed a mention). 

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