Style Files: Easter Attire

Easter Outfit

I’m a big fan of coordinating outfits…which I thought was super corny when I WAS NOT a parent but hey, we grow and change and this is one change I welcome with open arms. I will go out of my way to achieve a good coordinating outfit for my littles and since I have one boy and one girl this gets a little tricky. Here are the outfits I’ve got in our potential line up for Easter Sunday!



1.Stripe Zara Dress with Silver Sandals

2. Boho Zara Dress with Fringe Black Sandal

3. Stripe Old Navy Dress with Metallic Pink Sandals


  1. Demin Stripe Button Up with Navy Slim Pants and Native Shoes
  2. Palms Button Up with Denim Button Up and Black Toms
  3. Volcolm Yoi Shirt with Chino Shorts and Canvas Slip On


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