“Stick Around” Valentine



Here is another cute Valentine idea with a wrapping that can wear many hats. This year I decided to stroll down the party favor aisle and let my daughter choose an item to give her friends. She was insistent on sticky homework snatchers so I made a mental note of the phrase that popped in my head: “I hope you STICK around cuz I really like you”and threw them in the cart. After grabbing some gold metallic washi tape & striped pillow boxes we were all set. Lucky for me, I already had the rest of the supplies at home.

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“You Rock” DIY Valentine

You Rock

I try to turn any mom responsibility into an artsy project.  Although it’s obviously more work, (cue my husband grumbling as he looks at me elbow deep in paper, scissors and metallic tape) it’s a way to feed that creative monster living inside some of us (namely me).  For my son’s class Valentines this year, I decided to use the phrase “You Rock!”.  He is all boy and loves the song “bad to the bone” so it was a perfect fit!

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Simple Kids Valentine Party


Courtney and I are constantly talking about the multitude of ideas running through our heads of fun things we could do with our kids.  Planning and creating is so fun for us and our kids get to enjoy the fruits of our labor (if you can even classify it as labor).

A week ago we decided we wanted to surprise the littles with a Valentine’s Day themed party to help welcome February and get everyone in the spirit of love.  We are in the business of spreading out holidays for a long as possible; everyone is generally in a better mood when there is a holiday to celebrate.  If nothing else, it was a good excuse to dress the kids in the Love Day clothes we had both recently purchased and get a few good pictures!

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