Friday Files: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Happy Friday!

It’s that time of year again… the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  You undoubtedly are aware by the mass amounts of coverage it gets from Bloggers posting on Instagram and writing blog posts about it.


Well… We are no different!! We can’t help ourselves.  It is the best sale to stock up on fall wardrobe staples and score on last minute summer staples (which still feels like a major win since summer is practically 8 months of the year here in Florida!).  Below we both are sharing our top picks from the sale.

*Currently it is only open to those that hold a Nordstrom Credit or Debit Card (if you shop here often they are definitely worth it – we grabbed one the last time my husband got a suit – highly recommend.)  If you would rather not get one you can sign up for Nordstrom Rewards with your email and phone number which allows you to accrue points for every dollar you spend to earn a Nordstrom Note.  That said, Early Access does not include Nordstrom Rewards Members, only Nordstrom Credit or Debit Card holders.  You can still sneak a peak and look around, because the sale opens up to everyone on July 22!

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Friday Files: Summer Style

Happy Friday!

This week CO and I decided to focus on our Summer Style must haves.  It is getting MUCH hotter (read UGLY HOT) in our neck of the woods, and all we can think about is how to dress as cool as possible (cool as in temperature and style 🙂 ).

Here are our picks!


Madewell: Striped One-shoulder Dress

The perfect summer dress right here!  This dress is the epitome of what summer style looks like to me.  It’s high on my must have list.  There’s not much else I can say about it!  If you are looking for something similar but with a smaller price tag, JCrew Factory has a good alternative. This Striped Chambray Ruffle-Neck Dress is just as cute, especially the cold-shoulder detail!

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Style Files: Swim

It’s swimsuit season here in Florida. Can I get an Amen? Unfortunately that also means we’ve arrived at “you need a shower every day season” …because you can break a sweat just walking from the front door to the car in the driveway and can no longer throw on a large sweatshirt and hat to hide your body while running errands. You win some, you lose some.

Aside from the warmer weather we’ve had lately my husband has an upcoming bachelor party to attend in Puerto Rico, I have a bachelorette I’ve been planning for a good friend in Miami and the pool is a good time killer with the little ones when it’s 100 degrees outside. So, from all angles we will need swimwear to get us though this Spring and Summer. Here are my picks for the entire family.


  1. Navy and Black Color Block
  2. Turquoise Board Shorts
  3. Blue Wave Board shorts
  4. Cream Color Block
  5. Straw HatMen’s Swim


  1. Tribal Print with High Waist Bottoms
  2. Tropical Bikini
  3. Zip Up One Piece
  4. Ruffled One Piece – Black or White Option
  5. Tortoise Shell Sunnies
  6. White Marbled Sunnies


Women’s Swimenmark