Mindful Monday

I read this Forbes article yesterday titled “What Successful People Do On Sunday To Be Productive All Week”.  The title alone hooked me because, first of all, who doesn’t want a successful week and second of all, I am the absolute worst at letting the Monday Blues creep into my Sunday Funday.  You know what I am talking about.  That dark cloud that looms over you because Monday is coming.  I will admit, the Monday Blues have gotten slightly less blue since I have stopped working full time and heading into the office on Monday morning.  None-the-less that Monday cloud still makes its way over at some point on Sunday, because Monday means the fun from the weekend has stopped and the onslaught of to-do lists begins.

Even though I don’t go into the office anymore, I am still looking for ways to make Monday’s less of a Monday and overall more enjoyable.  Which led me to read the article linked above.  The tips mentioned in the article can easily be applied to anyone in any stage of life (so obviously I applied them to at home mom).  The first tip stuck with me the most: Steal an Hour to Get Organized.  It suggested that if you steal a little time from Sunday, preferably in the morning, to get organized for the week it will help clear head space (i.e. any to do items looming over you for Monday) and make Sunday more enjoyable.  Ways to do this could be throwing on a small load of laundry, meal planning for the week, cleaning out the fridge, vacuuming, anything that you usually do on Mondays to prepare for the week that could quickly be done on Sunday.  Don’t take too much time from Sunday, just enough to get a few things done and clear up some of the to-do’s for Monday.

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