That’s a Wrap

Fall is coming.

Game of Thrones fans just totally swapped Winter for Fall while reading that sentence so I’ll say it one more time.

FALL is coming!

This means kids going back to school, football season, pumpkin flavored everything, leaves changing, and a landslide of birthday parties to plan and attend.

I’ve been wanting to write a post on gift wrapping for a while because I legitimately enjoy the wrapping part just as much or more than the gift choosing.

Here is what I keep in stock for wrapping gifts in our household:

  • Leftover paper grocery bags (smaller to medium size gifts)
  • Twine (Stock up on the Target Dollar Section when you see it. I thank LO for this tip.)
  • Tissue Tassels as seen Here
  • Tissue paper
  • Yarn
  • Tape
  • Crayons
  • Watercolor
  • Small – medium boxes
  • Postal wrapping
  • White matte wrapping
  • Fun bows from TJ Maxx or Homegoods

First I choose the paper and let the children decorate it if it’s for a child’s birthday party. We usually do crayon scribbles, watercolor, or washable paint. If it’s for an adult outside of our family I will usually leave it plain.

Next you can wrap the gift and finish with twine (and simply tie a bow or add a fun bow) or yarn with some Pom Poms as shown below.

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Oh The Places You’ll Go! – Capturing Moments From A School Year 

As the school year comes to an end and the summer draws near, I have started reflecting back on how much both of my littles have grown.  As I was thinking about my special memories from the school year, I realized I wish I was being more proactive about holding on to them. Cue Pinterest. 

Everyone has seen it floating around on Pinterest, the “Oh The Places You’ll Go!” book filled with teachers notes from a lifetime of school experiences. I had always kept this idea in my back pocket and planned on doing it, but as the end of school got closer and closer I realized I had done nothing about it. Cue Amazon Prime. 

I ordered “Oh The Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss on Amazon (for half the price as target). It was delivered two days later. I then dropped it with my oldest littles teacher and got it back a week later with two heartfelt notes.  

Oh The Places You’ll Go 

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that I did this. The teachers were wonderful and wrote sweet messages to my daughter highlighting what they love about her and what her favorite things to do in class are.  Their messages were just as heartwarming for me to read as I am sure they will be for her to read when she graduates highschool.  Her teachers play such a large part in her day to day and are helping set the foundation for future educational and life experiences. Of course I want to preserve how they experienced her!  The best part of this book is that the mark they are leaving on her is tangible. We will have this book forever. As memories start to fade, my oldest will be able to read these messages and remember little experiences from her past. 

Thank you to the genius parent that did this and shared the idea! 

With that said, there is still plenty of time to do this before the end of the school year!! It doesn’t matter what grade your child is in, start one today! If you have prime I highly suggested ordering from Amazon (Amazon – Oh The Places You’ll Go). It will save you about $7-$10 and it with the press of a button it will show up at your door. You will not be disappointed you did this and the teachers are so happy to do it too! 


Painted Pot Gift Idea

In our house we always look forward to Spring and all the activities leading up to it! One of our very favorite Spring time activities is planting new flowers in our flower beds and pots.  My little loves to pick out the flowers and help plan where they should be planted.
We had been having an especially warm February which meant we were in the spring spirit even earlier than the norm. My mom’s birthday is in February and thanks to Court’s fabulous pot painting party for her 5 year old and my mom’s love for gardening, my little and I decided what could be better than painting a large flower pot for Grandma’s birthday? So off we went to the craft store.

At the craft store we picked up one large pot and one small pot (sister had to do one for herself).  We also grabbed a few patio paint colors and a cheap set of brushes and sponges.  In total, the cost for everything at the craft store was $22. If you would like to keep the cost down you can totally get away buying only a small size pot (and I believe they are cheaper at hardware stores than craft stores). Continue reading