Friday Files

Happy Friday!  Most of all HAPPY VETERAN’s DAY!  We are so grateful to our Veteran’s who fearlessly served our country and continue to do so.  We would not be afforded the liberties we enjoy daily without them.


 Purple Shampoo


Thanks to my girl Brittany over at True Hue Salon I’ve been using Unite Blonda Shampoo once or twice a week as a replacement to my regular shampoo. Thanks to her recommendation my blonde has been looking really bright and it’s prevented that usual few-weeks-post-hair-color brassy, faded blonde look!  If you are blonde and looking for a way to keep your locks bright check out Unite Blonda Purple Shampoo!  If you are in need of a stylist who can keep you a pretty shade of blonde or give you a fresh cut, give Brittany a call!  I leave happy with my cut and color every single time and she is great at recommending products that are useful!


 Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup


I may be late to the Munchkin Miracle Cup party but it is definitely a miracle!  My youngest needs to learn to drink from a regular cup soon and ALL of our sippy cups leak (all over the house).  This cup is perfect for learning to drink from a real cup and it doesn’t leak!!  WIN WIN!  You can drink from any edge of the cup and it has a silicon cap that keeps it from leaking/spilling. Oh, and if that’s not enough to sell you, it is so easy to clean too!  Just three pieces, no small little sippy cup pieces, or multiple parts of straws, etc.  If you are in the market for a new cup for your toddler, I recommend checking out the Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup!


Blanket Scarf

I can’t link this because it was from THE DOLLAR SPOT at Target!!  When I go to Target I usually do a quick scan of the dollar section when I first walk in (as I assume most people do ūüėČ ).  Last week on my usual scan I found a Blanket Scarf for….. $7.  SEVEN DOLLARS.  Of course it went in my cart and came home with me. I have never seen a blanket scarf this cheap.  It is the perfect tartan plaid pattern and it is REALLY big, thick, and super soft!  This is a public service announcement – check your Target Dollar Spot for this scarf every single time you go to Target!  Three days later I was there with my mom and they didn’t have any!! (In the last week or so I’ve noticed sometimes there are just a few on the shelf or they aren’t there)


Madewell Sleep Tight PJ

If you know me well, you know it is no secret I am a big fan of sweats and pj’s.  Right now Madewell has two that I am loving.  My favorite is by far the embroidered “Sleep Tight” PJ set.  It looks so cozy!



ogimageI have been an avid user of OpenTable for the last few years.  I just assumed everyone knew how great it was and used it, but when talking with a few friends I realized not everyone was aware of this amazing app.  The basic premise of the app is you use it to make reservations at restaurants (in my experience there are thousands of restaurants on here) and when you show up they give you points for your reservation.  You accumulate points, which then at certain increments can be cashed in for an Opentable gift certificate, which can be used at any restaurant on the app OR an amazon gift card (which is a recent addition).  I love this app because it has been so helpful while traveling.  When we are in a different city we use the app to help us find a new restaurant and explore our destination.  I find it helps us from falling into touristy traps and doing as the locals do.  It was “100” as the kids say during our trip to NYC.  Every restaurant we tried was on the app and all were amazing.  I also love the ease of making a reservation.  Most times I log on just before we walk into a restaurant just to get the points.  It has also come in handy when quickly making Holiday Dinner Reservations.  I made New Years Eve reservations just last week in a matter of minutes!  If you don’t have it download it now.  You can’t lose.






Dot is a new TV series on Sprout that my five year old daughter has actually grown quite fond of. One evening my son fell asleep extremely early after a crying fit of skinning his knee on the sidewalk and we got to have some uninterrupted girl time. She requested that I watch this with her. I was super impressed (especially after I realized that the concept was created by the Zuckerberg family. Yep – Facebook founders) with the intention of teaching a balance between being tech saavy and still enjoying friends and the outdoors (real life). This is the book that goes along with the show.

YoKids Birthday Cake Squeezers


Have you guys seen these before? I haven’t. Maybe I’m late to the party but I stumbled upon these at Winn Dixie and my children thought I was “the best mom in the world” letting them eat Birthday Cake yogurt for breakfast (only 8g of sugar). I’m hoping that these limited edition squeezers soon become a permanent staple in a world run by cherry and berry flavors.

Charging Cable Keychain


I’ve posted tassel keychains in the past. I just love them. A few weeks ago as I was checking out at Nordstrom Rack I ran into this fancy little number. A tassel keychain + charge and sync cable. Say whattt?! Super affordable too!

My Fitness Pal


Lo + I recently joined the gym together because although we had set HIGH hopes of running a half marathon by our 30th and working out every day… that just wasn’t happening. We were falling in and out of the routine. Thankfully, the gym membership came with a free assessment and I got to know where I was at. This app has been really helpful tracking calories and reminding me to enter them in. When you sign up you enter in your age, height, and goal weight – along with your activity level. Then it tells you how many calories you should be eating to maintain that weight. You can search basically anything you are eating and find it in there. Awesome.

7 Ft Prelit Tree – $50!!!


This deal is short lived so capitalize on it while you can! Michaels is running a huge markdown on it though tomorrow for Veteran’s day. It is pre-lit but has none of the decorations from the picture above. Which means you still get to do the fun part. I still love picking out a fresh tree but this one is slim and would be a great second tree, office tree or even perfect for a smaller apartment.

Friday Files: Natural Life

This Friday we wanted to pick out our five favorite things at Natural Life right now to share with you. We are so lucky to have the flagship store for this brand right here in our hometown of Jacksonville. The company exudes a laid back, thoughtful and positive attitude,  which carries over directly into the shopping experience.


Be Necklaces

img_6943I love a good tassel!  These necklaces are so cute, and would be great as an accessory to throw on when you need something to pull together a casual outfit.

Camera Strap


I love this camera strap.  Right now I have the generic Canon Camera strap on my camera.  This one would be a welcome update.  It would definitely make carrying around my camera (which I do often) a little more stylish.

Toothbrush Covers


Traveling with a toothbrush is a task¬†I find so icky.¬† Probably the germaphobe in me.¬†¬†I love these because they are colorful¬†(read hard to loose), have cute sayings like “no more cooties” and “germaphobe” (perfect for me) and are the perfect solution when traveling.¬† I usually just throw my toothbrush in a plastic bag and call it a day.¬†But… I’m immediately grossed out after the first use and end up throwing the toothbrush away and getting a new one.¬† Maybe these will save me a few toothbrushes!

Little Love Bowls


I keep a little dish on my nightstand to catch any jewelry I forgot to take off before bed, i.e. earrings, rings, bracelets.¬† These little dishes are perfect for just that.¬† I love the little engraved statements in each of the bowls.¬† The “I love you mom” and “Love you to the Moon and Back” could make great little gifts for the mom in your life.

Retro Red Lounge Shorts


These shorts look so comfortable to wear around the house or even over a bathing suit (I know its officially fall but here in Florida we are still swimming).  I love the pom poms and the red color.  The would be perfect paired with a relaxed white t.


India Blanket

I’m a sucker for throw pillows and blankets like these. They just add such a fun, boho vibe whether it’s folded on the end of a bed, draped on the couch or in a basket waiting for its next use.

Car Magnet

I have one of these magnets on the back of my SUV and not only do I feel like it makes me more conscious and aware of my driving I also swear people let me merge in line easier “to make the world a better place!”

I am Grateful Mug

I am a big fan of waking up early (before the children) at least a few times a week to kick start the day. Whether it be a workout, a walk with the dog, getting a head start on laundry & chores or simply enjoying a cup of coffee and reading a book in silence. This mug would be the perfect addition to kick starting the day on the right foot pondering all of the things you are grateful for.

Boho Bandeau

I had used Natural Life’s no-slip headbands in the past and was a big fan of the fun designs and colors but it wasn’t until recently that I received my first boho bandeau courtesy of a boho bachelorette party I attended and I love it. It’s definitely more comfortable for the cooler weather to add in with keeping your hair out of your face, your ears warm, and your headphones in while on a jog!


Oh kimonos. I would wear a kimono every dang day if it were acceptable. I love throwing one on with jeans and a tank or tee tucked in or even with a plain cotton dress. Such an easy outfit to look  effortlessly put together.

Friday Files: It’s Fall!

Happy Fall ya’ll! Some weeks are busy and we don’t have much we’ve seen to share but this week…. oh, but this week- we are an overflowing cup of good stuff! Take a look!


Tasseled Agate Lariat Necklace


I love this Agate Tassel necklace at Anthropologie.  I also love this Luciana Tassel Necklace.  They both would be great for layering over a multitude of outfits throughout the fall.  They are versatile and could be dressed up for a fancy night out or dressed down for casual around town.

Vow to be Chic – Bridesmaid Dress Rental Site


Calling all future Brides and Bridesmaids!!¬† This one is for you…

We are getting into the swing of wedding planning for my sister’s upcoming nuptials.¬† Now that she has found her dress (!!!!) next on the list is bridesmaids.¬† As much as every bride likes to think you could “totally wear the dress again”¬†(probably to help them feel slightly less bad about the price tag), in actuality you will never wear the dress again.¬† I came across the Bridesmaid Dress Rental site, Vow to Be Chic, on my hunt to somehow find a way to make the sting of a bridesmaid dress hurt less, while still allowing my sister to have her vision come to life.¬† Much like Rent The Runway, they carry designer bridesmaids dresses, which you can rent for the big day.¬† Most rentals are under $100, they send you two sizes two weeks before the wedding, and you can even order one to try on before the wedding.¬† This is a great option to give your bridesmaids in addition to buying the dress.

Quilted Vest

JCrew Factory currently has all “Fall Favorites” marked 50% off.¬† The sale includes these quilted vests, which are a fall staple in every girls closet.¬† They can be thrown on over jeans and a shirt and even work over the #momiform of lululemon yoga pants and long sleeve top.¬† My heart loves gingham but the herringbone pattern won me over and came home with me.¬† Hurry and grab one before your size sells out!

Girls Barn Jacket


Every year I grab the girls a Quilted Barn Jacket from Gap.¬† I love the classic style of a Barn Jacket (I have my heart set on this¬†Barbour Jacket)¬†and my girls look adorable in them.¬† Two years ago¬†Gap had it in classic navy, last year they had a really cute chambray barn jacket but this year I wasn’t totally sold on the metallic champagne & olive colors they have (still cute, I just wasn’t sold).¬† I recently saw this Navy Barn Jacket from Cat and Jack¬†at Target.¬† My heart skipped a beat!¬† I love the navy and gold details, but even more I love the price tag! (Right now Target is running BOGO 50%, which makes buying jackets for two kids even more fun!)


Watching & Reading

I am ALWAYS looking for good book and show recommendations.¬† I thought I would share a few of our household’s current favorites!


  • Thanks to a recommendation from a follower I recently read Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarity and it was SOOOO Good.¬† Highly recommend!
  • My husband and I started watching and just finished the third season of the AMC show Turn (after my parents recommended it) and we LOVE this show!!¬† It is about the Washington Spy Ring on Long Island during the Revolutionary War.¬† Like most AMC shows (Mad Men is my favorite show of all time) the characters are so well developed and the fact that it is based on historical events makes it even more thrilling.¬† Plus, I really love George Washington’s character, the actor portrays him just how I imagined he would be.¬† If you are looking for a show start watching this, it is available on Netflix!
  • After finishing Turn we started watching the mini series on HBO John Adams (we can’t get enough of our Country’s start).¬† We are currently in the middle of this series but it has been so good as well.
  • I just started reading Before the Fall by Noah Hawley.¬† So far, I love it!



Girly Plaid Blouse


Since I’ve seen this top I can’t unsee it. All other plaid shirts are compared to this one and¬† none compare. Unfortunately there are only a medium and large left so I’m sitting here hoping and praying that they will get more in stock. This top just seems like the ideal cozy Fall shirt and I’m going to jealous if I see one of you wearing it.

Lisbon Bag


I’ve never owned a designer purse or bag in my entire life. If I COULD choose I think it would definitely be a Chloe bag and to me, this Lisbon bag follows much of the same look. At only $130 with an additional 30% off right now I’m seriously contemplating adding this to my fall wardrobe.

Off the Shoulder Thermal Tee


This top is available in multiple colors and I’m calling it right now that you’ll be seeing it as a staple for many fashion bloggers as the weather cools.



I had to incorporate booties into the Friday Files with the today being the first Friday of Fall. Although, these are a bit pricier than I would normally spend on boots, the fact that they are so classy, unique and versatile make me this close to just investing in them.


I’m dying over this European company’s infant bodysuits. All of the spring/summer line is on sale right now and it’s making me want to hop on a flight to Italy just to buy it all up. Pineapples. Sprinkled donuts. You name it. And their fall line is just as incredible. There has to be a retailer here in the USA, right? Help me so I can win Best Gift at all of my friends’ baby showers ūüė©

Friday Files: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Happy Friday!

It’s that time of year again… the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!¬† You undoubtedly are aware by the mass amounts of coverage it gets from Bloggers posting on Instagram and writing blog posts about it.


Well… We are no different!! We can’t help ourselves.¬† It is the best sale to stock up on fall wardrobe staples and score on last minute summer staples (which still feels like a major win since summer is practically 8 months of the year here in Florida!).¬† Below we both are sharing our top picks from the sale.

*Currently it is only open to those that hold a Nordstrom Credit or Debit Card (if you shop here often they are definitely worth it Рwe grabbed one the last time my husband got a suit Рhighly recommend.)  If you would rather not get one you can sign up for Nordstrom Rewards with your email and phone number which allows you to accrue points for every dollar you spend to earn a Nordstrom Note.  That said, Early Access does not include Nordstrom Rewards Members, only Nordstrom Credit or Debit Card holders.  You can still sneak a peak and look around, because the sale opens up to everyone on July 22!

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Friday Files: Summer Style

Happy Friday!

This week CO and I decided to focus on our Summer Style must haves.¬† It is getting MUCH hotter (read UGLY HOT) in our neck of the woods, and all we can think about is how to dress as cool as possible (cool as in temperature and style ūüôā ).

Here are our picks!


Madewell: Striped One-shoulder Dress

The perfect summer dress right here!¬† This dress is the¬†epitome of what summer style looks like to me.¬† It’s high on my must have list.¬† There’s not much else I can say about it!¬† If you are looking for¬†something similar but with a¬†smaller price tag, JCrew Factory has a good alternative. This Striped Chambray Ruffle-Neck Dress¬†is just as cute, especially the cold-shoulder detail!

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Friday Files

The 3rd Edition of Friday Files is here!


Life Promises for Couples Devotional

A friend recommended this couples devotional written by Gary Chapman, whom also wrote The Five Love Languages.  My husband and I take turns reading aloud one passage each night after the girls go down.  It starts with a few bible verses and then has a corresponding passage on the following page.  I enjoy that the bible verses tie into everyday experiences couples go through.  It has opened up dialogue between us that I thought we were already good at, but this proves there is always room for improvement!  Sometimes the passage just serves as a reminder for both of us on how we should handle or perceive certain situations.  If you are looking for a devotional to do as a couple, I recommend this!  It usually takes us no more than 10 minutes each night and we both feel more connected when we are done. It is definitely an easy addition to your routine.

Bose Soundlink Mini

This little bad boy is awesome!  My parents gifted it to my husband for his 30th and we have used it every day since.  The sound is amazing and it uses Bluetooth to connect to multiple devices.  We use it while we cook, during workouts in the backyard, while the girls are playing in the backyard, and I’ve even used it to play nursery rhymes when I needed my toddler to play quietly in her crib (and it got me a solid 30 minutes!!).  If you are in the market for a portable speaker look no further – this is truly the best. Continue reading

Friday Files

It’s Friyay!! This week flew by! We’re back with another edition of Friday Files. This is what is currently on our minds for this week…


 BR Flutter Sleeve Eyelet Dress

Banana Republic is killing it lately with their dresses! ¬†I’ve been looking around for a few versatile summer dresses that can tackle wedding season and the showers that come along with them. Homestly, these are versatile enough to work for anything. Plus it’s always good to have a few choices for Sunday’s! This eyelet flutter sleeve dress is my favorite out of all of them but honestly I have about 6 that I love right now from Banana. (Check out the¬†Geo Lace Sheer Panel Dress¬†too). Continue reading

Friday Files

Happy Friday!

We’ve decided it would be fun (and keep us organized) to share anything, five items to be exact, we are each loving for the current week.  Our text messages to each other either consist of the weird, and most of the time hilarious, things our kids are doing or the many many things we’ve found from online shopping or crazy ideas we’ve come up with to entertain or simplify our life. We share constantly; if nothing else to make each other laugh or make life a little easier.

This is in no way groundbreaking material here. We’ve seen this topic on plenty of other blogs and think it’s an awesome idea (kudos to everyone who paved this path before us). In these posts every Friday you’ll be able to look forward to five things CO and I are each coveting for the week.

(All items are linked in their name.)


Lululemon Speed Short

lulu speed shortLululemon can do no wrong.  Every piece of Lululemon I own is comfortable, looks great and lasts forever.  These shorts are no exception.  They are my new favorite workout, casual, you name it, shorts.  They have a built in zip pocket in the back, a hidden pocket in the front and the best part… they look great on everyone.  I will definitely be adding a few more to more arsenal this summer. Continue reading