Family Date Night: Finding Dory

We’ve been telling our oldest we would take her on a special date night (without little sister) for what seems like ages.  In the last few weeks it seems as if she has been hitting milestone after milestone and we have been so proud of her.  *Sidenote:  I wish someone would have warned about the multitude of feelings that run through you with kids on a DAILY basis – I always feel so proud of the girls while also experiencing a tinge of sadness that they are growing up (tear emoji).

Back to it…

So the promise of a date night with just Mom and Dad has been hanging out there for quite a while.  Finding Dory seemed like the best opportunity!  I arranged for our babysitter to come watch little sister and I bought tickets for Finding Dory the Friday it opened at the cutest little movie theatre in our area.  That Friday we went and grabbed pizza by the theatre and then about 25 minutes before the show time walked over to the theatre.  It was already packed!  We grabbed the last available row and sat down (which to be honest, ended up being great seats).

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FREE Babysitting


Little Date Night

That’s right. I said it. FREE BABYSITTING. Did I catch your attention?!

Recently, Lo’s husband suggested the genius idea of us baby sitting each other’s children for a free date night trade off. The deal was to keep it an early evening, lasting about two hours, and whoever has the children for the night is in charge of feeding the whole clan at their home.

We are lucky to live closely to Lo’s family which is truly remarkable to think two best friends from preschool ended up landing less than five minutes from one another raising their families. Because of this we are around each other frequently going on adventures and finding activities to wear our kids out together.  Our children feel comfortable around Lo’s family and vice versa. All of this time spent together has led to LO and I both becoming astutely aware of each of our kid’s quirks and personalities (aka which ones need a serious eye kept on them) which makes anticipating their moves a little easier.  Continue reading