Nordstrom Rack

I’ll make this quick. Last week I went on a one mission trip to Nordstrom Rack with the intention of finding a moto jacket. I had done some research online (see previous post) and knew exactly what I was looking for. However, I wasn’t expecting to find SO many great deals! The Fall inventory is seriously on fire. I was so excited to share my finds but A LOT of what I found isn’t on the website. I’m sorry!! I’ll share what is and hopefully you have luck like I did in your own local store.

1. Camo Parka

I have to admit I felt like a baller in this jacket. I decided against buying it since I already own a khaki version but totally vote yes if you don’t own a casual parka like this yet! 
2. Chelsea Bootie

These booties were under $50 and look like they’re worth much more than that due to all of the details.
3. Ruffled Blouse & Rust midi skirt

I loved both of these items and although they somewhat worked together I’d probably pair the Blouse tucked in with bell bottom jeans or straight leg jeans and the midi skirt with a body fitting top or a crop sweater 🙂

4. Suede Moto Jacket

I had no clue this jacket was available in SO many colors online. Now I can’t get the country song “so much cooler online” out of my head… but it’s a good buy for $65. Also, I bought the mesh Nike top I’m wearing here as well. Of course there is zero Nike online but in the store they had tons of activewear marked down including their Zella brand which I really like!

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