Trend we love: Moto Jackets

The moto jacket is big this Fall and lucky for us Floridians it’s a trend we can wear well through winter. Due to the suede and leather look of the moto jacket many of them are priced in the hundreds. I found a few affordable options for those of you that like to jump on the trend train without it burning a hole in your wallet! The versatility of this jacket makes it worth adding to your casual cold weather collection.

Throw it on over your workout gear like Nicole Richie did:


Or just with jeans and a tee:


Below are some affordable options where you can buy a Moto to add into your wardrobe:

In left to right order (top to bottom):

1. LC Lauren Conrad Collection $72

2. Caravan Moto Jacket $69

3. Calvin Klein Moto $75 with extra 20% off right now (CODE:BDAY)

4. Silence + Noise $99

5. BNCI Blanc Noir Jacket $69 (I bought this one in the store in black!)

6. Express Genuine Suede $173 *Note: This one is no longer on sale and back at the original $248.00 price however Express runs sales often so if you can’t get this one off your mind keep checking the site for markdowns



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