My Warby Parker Experience and how to get a pair of their Prescription Glasses for $85

I’ll admit it usually takes me mistreating or losing something expensive, like a designer pair of Burberry specs, at least one time before I REALLY learn the cautionary measures of caring for it the right way. I just really want to test the product’s limits is all… so next time I know it’s  boundaries. 

In this case, my current three year old, bent and scratched glasses taught me that the sturdy case they came with really needs to be used every time you put your glasses back in your purse or you’ll be squinting through scratches while you try to read what deli meat is on sale this week. 

Lesson learned. 

I felt like my eyes had gotten worse also. The optometrist confirmed that my children have continued to give me degenerating eyes and grey hair (my eyes are now twice as bad as my original prescription). Parenthood is awesome. 

I needed a new, AFFORDABLE option this time since I am now a stay at home mom with zero vision insurance as opposed to the full time mortgage industry with baller vision insurance present during my first eyewear purchase. 

LO mentioned Warby Parker for their realistic, up front prices and the Free Home Try On service.  

I choose five styles online and they were at my door five or six days later. I ended up shipping them back 10 days later and I called to explain I had planned on shipping them back the previous week but we had evacuated for a hurricane. The girl was so sweet & understanding. She said if I needed more days to keep them and make a decision I could. After the call I received an email asking about the customer service with a simple five point rating system and if I thought she deserved a free coffee, lunch, or a credit towards their products. No wonder everyone there is so nice! 

I imagine they at least get a free coffee or lunch every day. 

Now…. how do you get $10 off a pair of $95 prescription glasses?

The answer is:

You can buy legitimate gift cards that people are selling at discounted rates. Guaranteed until 100 days after purchase and you get $5 off your first purchase of $25+

Another money saver: WP offers free shipping both ways. Always. And, for every pair you buy they donate a pair to someone in need. To submit your vision prescription you can simply upload a picture of it or have them call your doctor if you want to. 

Easy as that! 


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