Friday Files: Natural Life

This Friday we wanted to pick out our five favorite things at Natural Life right now to share with you. We are so lucky to have the flagship store for this brand right here in our hometown of Jacksonville. The company exudes a laid back, thoughtful and positive attitude,  which carries over directly into the shopping experience.


Be Necklaces

img_6943I love a good tassel!  These necklaces are so cute, and would be great as an accessory to throw on when you need something to pull together a casual outfit.

Camera Strap


I love this camera strap.  Right now I have the generic Canon Camera strap on my camera.  This one would be a welcome update.  It would definitely make carrying around my camera (which I do often) a little more stylish.

Toothbrush Covers


Traveling with a toothbrush is a task I find so icky.  Probably the germaphobe in me.  I love these because they are colorful (read hard to loose), have cute sayings like “no more cooties” and “germaphobe” (perfect for me) and are the perfect solution when traveling.  I usually just throw my toothbrush in a plastic bag and call it a day. But… I’m immediately grossed out after the first use and end up throwing the toothbrush away and getting a new one.  Maybe these will save me a few toothbrushes!

Little Love Bowls


I keep a little dish on my nightstand to catch any jewelry I forgot to take off before bed, i.e. earrings, rings, bracelets.  These little dishes are perfect for just that.  I love the little engraved statements in each of the bowls.  The “I love you mom” and “Love you to the Moon and Back” could make great little gifts for the mom in your life.

Retro Red Lounge Shorts


These shorts look so comfortable to wear around the house or even over a bathing suit (I know its officially fall but here in Florida we are still swimming).  I love the pom poms and the red color.  The would be perfect paired with a relaxed white t.


India Blanket

I’m a sucker for throw pillows and blankets like these. They just add such a fun, boho vibe whether it’s folded on the end of a bed, draped on the couch or in a basket waiting for its next use.

Car Magnet

I have one of these magnets on the back of my SUV and not only do I feel like it makes me more conscious and aware of my driving I also swear people let me merge in line easier “to make the world a better place!”

I am Grateful Mug

I am a big fan of waking up early (before the children) at least a few times a week to kick start the day. Whether it be a workout, a walk with the dog, getting a head start on laundry & chores or simply enjoying a cup of coffee and reading a book in silence. This mug would be the perfect addition to kick starting the day on the right foot pondering all of the things you are grateful for.

Boho Bandeau

I had used Natural Life’s no-slip headbands in the past and was a big fan of the fun designs and colors but it wasn’t until recently that I received my first boho bandeau courtesy of a boho bachelorette party I attended and I love it. It’s definitely more comfortable for the cooler weather to add in with keeping your hair out of your face, your ears warm, and your headphones in while on a jog!


Oh kimonos. I would wear a kimono every dang day if it were acceptable. I love throwing one on with jeans and a tank or tee tucked in or even with a plain cotton dress. Such an easy outfit to look  effortlessly put together.

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