Current Love: Slogan Tees 

A little background information: Aside from us being friends since preschool our birthdays are only two weeks apart. This was confusing to my toddler mind back then when I was blowing out Lo’s candles two weeks after my own birthday party. (Sorry LO) But now she gets to bask in her 20’s for two extra weeks after me turning 30 so I consider it a wash.

Anyways, last year I bought us both the same sweatshirt from an Etsy shop based in Brooklyn, NY for birthday gifts. It was simple and grey with the words: In memory of when I slept in. At the time we had a 4,3,2 and 1 year old between the both of our families so it seemed like a necessary piece of clothing to own.

We have both discussed how when we wear it there are always great remarks. Sometimes I’ll forget I even have it on until a passerby snickers or shouts something like “That is so true!”

It feels like you are in this secret gang of people that all have the same sense of humor as you do.

I’ve rounded up my top nine favorite slogan tees right now for you guys. I personally love them with jeans/jorts and converse for a classic look, black leggings and sneakers for working out (or running errands) and even a black midi skirt would be cute with one of these tees tucked in. Below are the links to the above shirts in the order of the pictures. 

Get creative and tag us with your look! Happy Shopping!

1.Champagne Campaign

2. Shopping is my Cardio

3. Needa Margarita

4. Blogging Shirt

5. Queen Bee

6. Pizza


8. Fly as a Mother

9. Mutha Hustla


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