Fall 2016 Baby Shower Gift Guide

I love a good baby shower [Note: They’re all good]

And lucky for me I’ve had some baby showers to attend lately!

While it’s obvious people (especially first time parents) love receiving items from their registry some choose not to make a large registry (like those on their first, second or third babies… And so on) or have not made one at all. In those cases I’ve compiled a fun, unique list of ideas for expecting parents:

Wipe Warmer

People laugh when I ask if they’ve put one of these on their registry but I swear I loved this thing during both of my children’s infant years. It keeps wipes extremely accessible and I personally think it increases the chances of tiny ones sleeping during late night feedings and diaper changes. Buy this Wipe Warmer if they won’t have one already!

Reversible Bib

These Kishu reversible bibs are my new go to gift. I can remember packing up my diaper bag and taking off for a day of errands with my infants when before long I’d be giving them a snack, then lunch or dinner. But, I had only packed one bib. So when the main meal rolled around they had a dirty bib they had to use. This didn’t happen all of the time, but it I’ll embarrassingly admit it did happen. This bib covers you. If you get it a little dirty during snack time just flip it inside out, snap it, and use it again!

Bow Subscription

A friend of mine that recently had a baby girl shared this site with me and I immediately thought it would be such a sweet gift for my friends that are expecting girls. Little Poppy Co sends three bows every month for $11.99. You can set up the subscription has a gift per terms below:

Diaper Bag Backpack

When I had my second child I had chosen a new diaper bag that my mother in law sweetly surprised me with. Just a simple over the shoulder waterproof black bag with brown faux leather accents. So, when two of my best friends gifted me a backpack diaper bag I honestly wasn’t sure if I would use it. I actually think I told my husband it could be his own diaper bag. {sorry friends} But you know what? Over time I grew to love both! I enjoyed running errands, day trips to the zoo and park, etc. putting a secure backpack on so I had two free hands rather than a bag falling down my arm. Then, when I got dressed up with my littles I would reach for the black and brown sleeker bag! #winning

The bags shown above are by JuJuBaby and SkipHop.

Diapers & Wipes


Hello. Any mom and/or dad will be grateful for this. When I was working full time and pregnant with my second child my co-workers surprised me by filling my cubicle with diapers and wipes when I returned from lunch. It was Ah-mazing!!!

Book Collection

I often times forget about this option for new little ones as gifts. However, I really enjoyed it when friends and family gifted me books from their family’s favorite childhood reads. Isn’t it funny how even one book can become a favorite for generations to come? How sweet to share that tradition.

Happy Baby Shower Shopping!


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