That’s a Wrap

Fall is coming.

Game of Thrones fans just totally swapped Winter for Fall while reading that sentence so I’ll say it one more time.

FALL is coming!

This means kids going back to school, football season, pumpkin flavored everything, leaves changing, and a landslide of birthday parties to plan and attend.

I’ve been wanting to write a post on gift wrapping for a while because I legitimately enjoy the wrapping part just as much or more than the gift choosing.

Here is what I keep in stock for wrapping gifts in our household:

  • Leftover paper grocery bags (smaller to medium size gifts)
  • Twine (Stock up on the Target Dollar Section when you see it. I thank LO for this tip.)
  • Tissue Tassels as seen Here
  • Tissue paper
  • Yarn
  • Tape
  • Crayons
  • Watercolor
  • Small – medium boxes
  • Postal wrapping
  • White matte wrapping
  • Fun bows from TJ Maxx or Homegoods

First I choose the paper and let the children decorate it if it’s for a child’s birthday party. We usually do crayon scribbles, watercolor, or washable paint. If it’s for an adult outside of our family I will usually leave it plain.

Next you can wrap the gift and finish with twine (and simply tie a bow or add a fun bow) or yarn with some Pom Poms as shown below.

There are tons of Pom Pom tutorials like this one. Which is how I taught myself to do it. As you can see I love the fun ombré colored yarns!

S + J really enjoy having a part in this gift giving process and I’m sure yours will too!


Below are a few of our creations:

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