Friday Files

Happy Friday!

We took a short summer hiatus to spend time with family.  C took a road trip to the Tennessee Mountains to visit her brother-in-law while I spent a fun weekend with my family and a cousin, who is more like a sister, and her family who flew down for a visit from Philadelphia.  Aren’t fun family weekends the best?!  We both feel rejuventated from spending quality time with both and look forward to the next fun weekend!

Back to School

LL Back Pack

School is sneaking up on us!  I couldn’t believe it when we got our school packets in the mail and realized in about 3 weeks (probably closer to two now) the girls will be going back! This immediately made me feel behind on back to school preparations.  My list includes finding backpacks for both girls (I have these red LL Bean Junior Backpacks in mind with both of their monograms), a lunchbox for my littlest, shoes for both, and back to school clothes.  C and I will be throwing together a back to school post in the next week to share what we are grabbing for our littles and what we think is most important for the fall school semester!


JCrew Signet Bag

I am loving this Signet Bag from JCrew.  I love the simple, classic lines and how you can personalize it in a variety of ways!  The perfect staple piece to take you into fall.  Also, I think this would make a great gift!

Quiksilver Sea Stash Wet Dry Backpack

img_0223C and I took the little ones to the pool for the morning yesterday.  She showed up with this wet/dry backpack.  She found it at TJMaxx for $15 (which was a steal of a deal because the only place I could find it online has it priced at $50).  This bag was AH-Mazing!  It was huge, comfortable to wear, and perfect for pool days with wet bathing suits, towels, and toys.  The most exciting part about the bag is… IT FLOATS!  That was more of a novelty for us than an important feature, but I guess it could come in handy if a rowdy toddler threw it in the pool.  Lesson here – if you have small kids RUN to TJMaxx and see if you can score this bag.


My husband and I set a goal at the beginning of the year on a number of books we wanted to read.  I am so proud to report that my husband has already surpassed his goal of 30 books for the year!!  He has now bumped that up to 50 books. (He is by no means looking for time to kill – he has a very busy schedule, so the fact that he has read OVER 30 books in just under 7 months is quite the accomplishment in my eyes!)  That being said I am still working towards my goal of 20 books (this number is a little embarrassing next to my husbands and more so the fact that I am still working towards it and he is done with his!).

I am always looking for recommendations on books friends have enjoyed or found useful.  I’ve also always wanted to start or be apart of a book club.  The part about book clubs that I don’t find thrilling is the meeting and sharing of the book.  What I want from it is to have a constant list of books to choose from and the recommendations from other people!  So if you have any good book recommendations please leave a comment!! We could start a mini LO + CO book club!

Here are some of the books I have read this year…


CCI Puppy Families

As I mentioned in this post we are Puppy Raising Clifford for Canine Companions for Independence.  Yesterday we sent out Clifford’s 6 month update to his brother and sister’s PR’s and we got an update back on his brother, Carson!  Puppy Raising Clifford has already been such an amazing and eye-opening experience and so so much fun!  The update from his brother Carson added another layer of fun to this!  From what we can tell they have very similar personalities and seem to be on the same track with learning commands.  Although Carson has Cliff beat on the Speak Command.  We have only heard Cliff bark one time in the 6 months we have had him so this is proving to be a difficult one to learn!  I feel like a mom who loves comparing how her children look alike!  Don’t they look like brothers!!

I will be back with an update on Cliff in the next few weeks and sharing about DogFest (which is going to be an awesome day!).  We started a team for Clifford called Clifford’s Crew, we would love anyone and everyone who would like to join our team!  Or even the smallest donation is appreciated!  I will have more on this event later!!

Clifford (our CCI Pup) on the right and his brother Carson on the left.



Happy Friday!  Enjoy the weekend!




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