Yarn Bombed Antlers

44876ff03522cb826d31d2a1666af5de (2)My youngest will be three years old in two months so in the process of changing his toddler nursery (I call it toddler nursery because we lived in another home his first 1.5 years of life which was his true baby nursery) into a big boy room I knew I wanted to be cost effective. I had run across yarn bombing years ago and read a quick article on how to do it as written about here. My father in law is a hunter and believes in using or donating all parts out of respect for the animal. So, I requested two antlers from him and found some good packages of string at the local dollar store (shown below).


My total list included:

  • Two antlers (donated by in laws)
  • Two packs of assorted string from dollar store but you could also buy specific colors at craft store
  • Two unfinished wooden plaques bought at Michaels (I couldn’t find them on the website) but they were close to $2.50/piece after using coupon
  • 7.5 oz Stain from Lowe’s here that was tinted with Dark Bark
  • Glue Gun (which I already owned)
  • Push in Picture hangers like here for the back of the wooden plaques (to hang on wall)
  • #2 Wood Flat Brass 3/8 in screw to secure above Push Ins
  • 2.5 in screws to secure antlers to wooden plaque
  • Drywall Anchor and Screw Pack for walls to hang finished product on

So, first I yarn wrapped the antlers by tying a knot in the back and gluing it to the antler. I wrapped until it was the size I liked and glued the end piece to the back of the antlers where nobody would see it. I continued this process on both sides slightly mixing up the order of color and size. Keep in mind if you’re wrapping from the back to keep peeking at the front to make sure there are no gaps in the wrapping. I found that it was easiest for me to wrap holding the antlers part way off of a table.

Once I completed the wrapping (I may end up going back to add more color towards the top of the antlers) I moved on to staining the unfinished plaques. I only did one coat and left to dry overnight. I used old paper bags to shield the stain from our table and it worked like a charm. I usually mix up requesting plastic and paper bags each trip to the grocery store because there are so many different things I use them for around the house. I like the paper ones for backup wrapping paper, play dough surface, paint shield, etc.


After this step I applied the push in hangers and reinforced them with the tiny brass screws as shown here:

Use large 2.5 in screws to angle into antler skull and drill through wooden plaque. Follow the directions for using wall anchors and hang your finished product! 

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