Friday Files: 4th of July

It’s Fourth of July Weekend! We are sharing our favorites items that come to mind during this holiday weekend!


I’m focusing on all my current favorite patriotic items!

 Men’s Under Armour Flag Shirt

Flag Shirt

I recently bought this shirt for my husband and my dad for Father’s Day.  My husband loves anything with an American Flag on it, especially when he can wear it (I’m here to make sure it’s tasteful).  He loves the flag so much we have no less than 4 hanging around our house at this very moment (again, tastefully).  We were recently in New York for a wedding and my cousin’s husband had this shirt on.  I overheard my dad asking where he found it, so I took a mental note and went home and ordered one for each of them. is where these are located and their tagline is “Get Patriotized”.  You can literally find anything you have ever dreamed of with an American Flag on it, on this site.  They are currently offering $10 off your purchase of $100 with the code FREEDOM.

Hamilton Soundtrack


Again, my love for Amazon Prime knows no bounds.  I can thank Amazon Prime for introducing me to this soundtrack.  It is available to Prime members to stream.  I went through a period of time where I listened to this on runs, walks, cooking dinner, any time I had a device that could stream the soundtrack it was on.  My husband and I will be in New York later this year for another wedding and I requested to go see Hamilton for our Anniversary.  Then we looked up tickets!!  The show is sold out, but thankfully to tickets sites there are second hand tickets for sale!  For no less than $500!!  My dream of seeing Hamilton sadly won’t happen.  So for now I’m happy to just listen!

Red, White, & Blue Glow Bracelets

glow bracelets

My littles, as I am sure with everyone else’s, are obsessed with glow anything.  Hand them a glow stick, necklace or bracelet and they are good to go for the night.  Recently during a walk through the Dollar Section at Target I found an assortment of Red, White, and Blue glow necklaces and sticks.  I grabbed a bunch of them, not having set plans for the holiday, but knowing whatever we did these would come in handy.  I couldn’t find them on the Target website, so the one’s linked above are from Amazon (of course!).

Patriotic Swim for the Family


Our Holiday Weekend, will of course be spent by a pool and/or the beach.  I decided to look for patriotic themed swimwear for my family to get in the spirit!  Gymboree has this adorable option: Gymboree Toddler Flag Rashguard Set for $8.99 and they are offering 20% off your order with the code FIREWORKS.  For the adults, JCrew Factory has some cute options for mom and dad and currently everything is already marked down 50% off and they are offering and extra 15% off your order and an additional 50% off clearance items with the code HAPPYSALE.  For Mom: JCrew Factory Gingham Swimsuit (this is the one piece but there is an adorable two piece too).  For Dad: JCrew Factory Men’s Swimsuit



Thanks to my future Brother-in-law I have this book on my bedside table to start reading now that I have finished my latest book.  I am a huge fan of reading the book before the movie, so I have actively avoided seeing this movie.  I am a little disappointed it has taken me this long to get to it, since it has been on my list for a while now.  I had read American Sniper and Killing Lincoln at the time I had this one lined up but I decided I was ready for a little lighter of a read so I went to Mindy Kaling’s books next :).  I hear it’s a great book so I am looking forward to it.



Independence Day weekend is no doubt always spent by the beach so I’m focusing on all my favorite beach items!

Sun Shade



I’m pretty sure that all of the other 49 states are under the impression that we, as Floridians, are at the beach every day. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth for my family. I definitely love the beach and braved it much more in my glory days but now being older and with young children, it is more difficult to stick it out. We once tried a hand me down beach umbrella from my mother in law to solve this problem. We did our due diligence digging a hole, putting the pole in and stacking sand with the rest of our belongings around it. It looked legitimate… until it caught a strong gust of wind and started barreling down the beach turning humans into life size bowling pins. I was in tears laughing. My husband didn’t share the same reaction (maybe because he was the one chasing it?).  Regardless, we agreed it would be the last time we used it. So, since it literally feels like you are inches from the sun some days, I just ordered this 10 x 10 shade from Amazon Prime for under $50.00 in hopes that it will help us fulfill our Floridian duty as “beach people” this Fourth of July.

Sand Anchors


The previous story leads me to my next Fourth of July purchase, Sand Anchors. I originally planned on getting a tent with the pockets in the sides for sand to keep it in place but the thought of being enclosed on a hot summer day made me quickly abort that plan and move on to the sun shade above. I found this set of sand anchors for under $20.00 on Amazon Prime (we LOVE Prime) and they are half that price if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks for shipping.

Folding Beach Wagon


I see young parents with wagons a lot. I see them on Halloween, at the zoo, the beach, and around the neighborhood. Our family has never had one. That is until now. Now that our youngest is potty trained and almost three we really can stay at the beach longer. They want to stay. And the longer we plan on staying the more that comes aboard in the haul. A cooler for drinks and food, chairs, sand toys, soccer ball, towels, buckets, you name it. I have thrown my back out once and it was awful. Knock on wood I don’t want to do it again. I also don’t really enjoy looking like a walking coat rack to and from the beach to our car with bags, chairs and towels hanging off all parts of my body. So, I did some research and this seemed to be the favorite. It is currently $118 on Amazon but I found it for $99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond here! I also used the 20% off coupon along with free shipping for a total price under $80.00. #winning

Sandy Ice Cream Shop

hape_ice_cream_shop (2)

I bought this set on Amazon for $9.99 but it’s actually available in IKEA stores for $2.99. If you live near Ikea take advantage of your good fortune! I think my children and their friends will enjoy pretending they own their own little beach hut ice cream shop! 🙂

Red Bandana Scarf


Last but not least this is my very affordable, last minute plan to be in red, white and blue attire for the holiday. I plan on wearing my jean short cut offs, a white tank and this little red bandana to finish off the patriotic look. IF I happen to have time to sew something for myself then I might be even more prepared but, let’s face it. I’ve already committed to sewing red white and blue scarves for LO + I’s littles (stay tuned!) so the chances are slim.



Have a safe and happy weekend!  God Bless America!






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