Flower Crown Tutorial

Ever since my oldest wore a flower crown in my brother in law’s wedding I have been convinced that I can make one.  Then Co’s oldest wore one recently in a wedding and I was sold.  I had to try it. How hard could it be?!

I’m here to tell you, it’s not that hard!  It just takes a little patience and “creativity” to get through the first one!

 Flower Crown Tutorial

I picked up some flowers and greenery at my local Whole Foods (they have the best flowers in my opinion).  I stuck with baby’s breath and daisies for the flowers.  The peonies pictured below were for a gift bouquet but I left them in the picture because they were so pretty!

Then I picked up floral wire and floral tape at Hobby Lobby, but I am sure you can find these at any craft store.  If you don’t have some already, pick up a pair of wire cutters while you are there too.  They will make this project so much easier.  Hobby Lobby also had grapevine wire, which I think could look really pretty if you wanted to try to use that in place of the green floral wire for the crown (you will still need the green wire to secure the flowers to the crown).

Green Floral Wire and Green Floral Tape

I used my girl’s heads to make a rough measurement for the crowns (I just roughly wrapped the wire around the crown of their heads – very precise, I know).  I wanted to make sure the crown sat down on their head so I made them slightly larger than the circumference of their heads.  Make sure you also account for the flowers and greenery that will be built around the crown.  Honestly, you can’t mess this up.

Once I got a rough measurement, I wrapped the wire in a circle one time and then curled it around itself and then wrapped it around again (so you are wrapping the wire in a circle two times).  You can see how I wrapped it to make a crown in the first picture below.  It won’t feel sturdy by any means, but that is ok because the stems from the flowers make it more solid.  As you can see in the second picture below, I started with baby’s breath.  I cut little bunches and secured them to the crown by wrapping them with wire all in the same direction.

Below is what the crown will look like once it is completely wrapped in Baby’s Breath.  My oldest loved it this way and was trying to convince me to leave it!

Crown after filling it with Baby’s Breath


After the baby’s breath, I wrapped two stems of greenery going towards the front on each side of each crown.  Once that was done, I added in daisies throughout.  I added the greenery and daisies by securing them to the crown with wire.  At this point, I did start to use the green floral tape to wrap any really wirey parts.  Again, I know this may not sound super specific, but I promise, you cannot mess this up.

I was really happy with how they came out.  Even more gratifying was how much my girls loved them, especially my littlest.  She wore it with pride the ENTIRE day!


I had just picked up white dresses for summer during a Gap sale, and I used this as the perfect opportunity to snap some pictures of the girls for the summer.

These flower crowns would be perfect for pictures (like I used them for), a girls tea party, or even a fun craft (read: time killer) at a bridal or baby shower.  You could create the base of the crowns ahead of time with the baby’s breath and then lay out an assortment of small flowers with wire and floral tape and let everyone make their own crown.  They can double as a party favor too (everyone loves flowers)! Win – Win!

What the Girls are Wearing

*As I am writing this post, Gap is offering 40% off your purchase with the code HAPPY.  If it’s not valid when you check their website, check back again because they seem to rotate codes often!

**Update- you can get 40% off online with code EXTRA as of today!

My oldest is wearing this  Eyelet Two-Tier Dress.

toddler eyelet two tier dress

My youngest is wearing this Eyelet Flutter Dress (which also happens to be on sale right now, in addition to the 40% off).

Eyelet Flutter Dress

Other Summer Loves

Here are a few other Summer items I am loving for girls at Gap Kids.

Baby Gap

  1. Shimmer Flutter Body Double
  2. Floral Lemon Neckline Dress
  3. Reversible Two-Piece Romper
  4. Eyelet Flutter Top

Gap Kids

  1. Tencel Denim Asymmetrical Dress
  2. Gingham Ruffle Tank Dress
  3. Tropics Cross Back Dress
  4. Bright Eyelet Flippy Skirt


Start on those flower crowns!  They really are a lot of fun to make and perfect for your littles to do as well!  Having leftover flowers to decorate your house with never hurts, either!



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