Surprise 30th Fiesta

My husband’s birthday falls on Father’s Day most years which makes for a lot of celebrating, but this year being his 30th I decided to throw him for a loop and make it extra memorable with a surprise party!

I bought all supplies for the invites at Target:

After forming a stack with one color of each tissue paper I cut rectangles the length of the invites and cut fringe onto the bottom of each one leaving space for a strip of double stick tape across the top. After that I adhered the pieces from bottom up on the back of the invites.

They turned out super cute! Next was figuring out how I get my husband out of the house so I could decorate the day of the party (which was on a Saturday). Luckily his guys took the reigns on that and invited him to the bar to catch up on a few soccer games.

My dad and his friend own a side business called Holy Sit which rents out old church pews for special events. Lucky for me I was able to borrow two. Due to the rain I moved our living room furniture into the Master bedroom and set up all of the seating between our living and dining room inside (this was my Plan B as opposed to my plan A on the back patio).

Brian is not the type of person that likes surprises so I kept the group pretty small limited to our families and the guys he’s grown up with since high school. Oh- and Lo and her hubs 🙂

Any of the banners you see in the background I snagged during Cinco de Mayo a month before. I also added a $2.50 printable download from etsy shop JojoMimi.

We had food catered and delivered free of charge by our local Tijuana Flats. Their service never fails to be anything less than amazing. I opted for the “taco trip” catering package and we had lots of leftovers.

So, we had it again for dinner the next night and then I went into food saving mode and wrapped multiple grab & go burritos for the freezer along with a frozen Mexican casserole for those nights that cooking and eating out are both out of the question 🙂

Hopefully my surprise fiesta party planning helps some of you on your future parties!

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