Kids Summer Book Club

Summer has started and I have been trying to think of ways to fill my littles time while also keeping her mind engaged.  Our goal for the summer is to learn to read or at least start the process to be on our way to learn to read.  My husband and I made a deal with her; if she “reads” a certain number of books over the summer she will earn a special trip at the end (this special trip is our family vacation but I am more than happy to let her believe it was because she read books).

In my attempt to build a structure around this activity I came up with a Summer Book Club book report sheet and a Summer Book Club Tracker to keep track of all of her completed books.  (You should be able to print these attachments when you click on them)The “Summer Book Club” book report sheet focuses on a reading comprehension and I added the star rating at the bottom for a little humor!  The tracker sheet serves as a quick visual to show your little how much they have accomplished.


We started this activity yesterday and so far she loves it!  We aren’t quite reading on our own yet, so I read the book of her choice “Should I Share My Ice Cream?” by Mo Willems and then prompted her for each of the questions on the book club sheet.  Our goal for the end of the summer is to hopefully have her reading a few step 1 books on her own and writing some short sentences with help.

My little had the great idea of “inviting” friends to her book club.  Genius right?!  A book club WITH other people!  We thought it out and it could be a lot of fun to gather up neighborhood friends and trade books throughout the summer and complete these book club sheets.  It may give them something to talk about on the playground but really it will save mom from buying a bunch of new books!  Gather up your littles friends and start a book club!

The most important part is to keep her interested in books and this seems to be doing the trick!  (Lets be real, the most important part for mom is to fill those long summer days!).



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