Friday Files

Happy Friday!


Presto Sparling Cuvee 

Presto Sparkling Cuvée in cans.  Sparkling Wine in cans.  Need I say more?! I found this at Whole Foods while shopping for Memorial Day weekend. We had plans to spend the day at the pool and these seemed like the perfect solution and they definitely were. In this Whole Foods article they list wines in cans as “a wine to watch”. I’ve been a fan of wine in cans ever since I discovered Sophia a few New Years ago. I was just never a huge fan of the taste of Sophia. However, I AM a HUGE fan of Presto! They are just sweet enough with a little bite. They are the perfect summer drink! Easy to carry (they fit in a small purse and clutch – I know from experience) and they chill quickly! Another pro in the wine in can court is at not many people are aware of wine in Cans so it’s easy to sneak by watchful lifeguards at a pool!

 Me Before You

I am late to the party on this book but I am here to say that if you have not read it please do immediately or bump it up on your reading list. This book is so good! I am a big advocate of reading the book before the movie and since this movie came out last Friday and got to work as soon as it was back in stock. It is a quick read which I feel is a testament to the authors writing and ability to captivate the reader. THIS IS A MUST READ!


 Bloodline Season 2

My husband and I have become Netflix junkies since dropping cable and going strictly to AppleTV (which we love). Bloodline is a Netflix classic. We fell into the Rayburns world last year when we watched Season 1 and have been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for season 2. We are such Bloodline nerds, we even scoped out the resort it is filmed at while we were in the Keys in February. (It is adorable BTW). Season 2 dropped onto Netflix two weeks ago and it did not disappoint. So much so that my husband and I finished the entire season in that one weekend, it should be mentioned that we had both of our kids, a wedding and a memorial day Bar-B-Q to attend to that weekend. (I am not particularly proud of binge watching Netflix but it was definitely an accomplishment with all that we had going on and any accomplishment should be celebrated!) We were on edge the entire time we were watching it and the last few minutes of the finale left our jaws dropped. We are again impatiently waiting for the next season. If you have not watched Bloodline, you need to. The first two episodes of the first season are slow going but after that you will be completely drawn in and won’t want to watch anything else.


TSA Precheck

My husband and I recently went out of town. Due to him having TSA Precheck I received it by default for both flights because I was flying with him. There is nothing more satisfying than bypassing the 2 hour Security wait line at JFK and flying (puns – lol) right through security in 5 minutes or less. The TSA Precheck line was practically non-existant at both airports. In the TSA Precheck line you are also allowed to keep everything in your bag and leave your shoes and jewelry on. This eliminates that tedious process of trying to fit everything you need into a quart sized Ziploc and walking barefoot on what I am positive is the germiest floors in America. My husband went through the process to receive precheck a few months ago for work travel. I am a definite fan (since I will receive it when traveling with him) and this trip has totally validated the money he spent on it (reminder – I’m our CFO and I take my job seriously). If you travel often, this is something you need to look into. The process was pretty straightforward and worth not packing toiletries in ziplocs.

Weekends Away

My husband and I were fortunate enough to get away for a long weekend recently. We had a cousin’s wedding to attend and it was so nice to be able to take a break from mom duties and enjoy all of my family’s company as well as my husbands. We are so blessed to have so many family members that live so close. We haven’t been the best in the past at taking time away but now that our littlest is a little older it has been easier to get away for a night or a long weekend without them. You don’t realize how enjoyable and needed it is until you do it!


The Bachelorette


Over the course of the past two weeks I have had two girls dinners with two completely different groups of women. I learned two things. Bloodline (which Lo has mentioned above) and The Bachelorette are both worth watching. Let me begin with the facts:

1. I have never been a television or movie junkie. I grew up without cable much of my life and there are a large amount of famous classic movies I have never seen. I can only recall my mother watching t.v if she was ironing.

2. I am the opposite of an addictive personality. As in I have a hard time doing the same thing twice, which drives my type A husband crazy but we keep each other balanced! So, following an entire television series is like a big feat for me in which I have never been successful.

We don’t have Netflix, so since we know the family of one of the guy’s on the Bachelorette I decided to start from the beginning On Demand and get caught up. I’m actually still intrigued by all of the personalities going on and continuing to watch! I’ve even pulled the hubby in on watching some episodes! My votes are on Jordan, James and Chase 🙂

Patio Beverage Cart


I am having a major love affair with preparing for backyard entertaining this summer so I finally caved and bought one of these beverage carts that will keep your drinks cool as well as give you a place to take the tops of your cold ones without guests constantly walking in and out of the house. I am not posting the link to this one I used for the image since it is $200+ and I figure most of the readers live near a Homegoods right? I bought my mint green one from there a week ago for $129.99! I cannot wait to start using it.

Citrus Juicer


My daughter and a friend finally opened their long awaited lemonade stand business last Sunday and in preparation for the big day I purchased this citrus juicer. It was awesome. Two different size attachments for smaller citrus (lemons/limes) and a larger one for oranges and grapefruit. It was so easy even a five year old could use it with no trouble. The kids had a blast working the stand and I’ve already made homemade lemonade again this week after I realized it was much easier than I had imagined! I’m also secretly looking forward to homemade orange juice with breakfast on the weekends!

Tassel Keychain Charm


This key chain (referred to as a purse charm) on the DSW site is my new favorite thing. It’s on the larger side so it can be attached to the strap of your purse but I love it as a key chain. No longer do I have to dig in my purse looking for keys because it is large enough to see and grab. The brown matches my purse perfectly (however they had a ton of really beautiful colors in the store with the option of faux suede or faux leather). If you have the same issue it’s time to buy one of these. The only drawback is if my husband drives my car… because it is longer than your average key chain it will dangle and hit his leg while driving. I personally find it funny to see him getting irritated over a small tassel but for those of you that are nice wives you might want to clip it off before he takes the driver’s seat 🙂

Serape Towel



How gorgeous is this towel? I don’t think I’ve had anything from Vera on my wish list since high school but ran across this towel the other day and it made me do a double take. Such a pretty print!


Have a fun weekend (hopefully that includes some sun and water!)



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