Friday Files

I’m back! And one of my best friends is now officially off the market! The wedding was exceptionally wonderful. My daughter wore a flower crown while walking their dog down the aisle (who wore a matching flower collar). It was just as precious as it sounds.

Since this weekend Lo + her hubby are in New York for a cousin’s wedding I am repaying the favor of her carrying the load last week and typing up a Friday Files of my top five! -CO

P.S A mom friend that had been reading our blog mentioned that she loved a shirt I posted about two weeks ago and wondered where I got it. ANY time we post something it should be mentioned with a blue or green lettering above it or around it. That should be a link to take you directly to where you can buy it. If not- please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Native Shoes

Sorry I couldn’t choose just one picture to do the design team behind Native Shoes justice. They have a ton of fun colors and patterns as well as a few new styles you don’t usually see on the playground. The idea of an EVA material is genius to keep shoes on all day whether you’re at the pool, beach, or running errands. Their “Howard” boat shoe is super cute for boys to throw on with a polo and shorts.  If you’re new to the parenting scene maybe you haven’t heard of these yet but they are the go to summer shoe for a lot of us. Especially my son, who wants to wear sneakers every moment of his life, these are the coolest!

Pottery Barn Indoor/Outdoor Rug Sale

img_6098I owe this post entirely to a friend that I went to high school with and haven’t seen in years. She commented on a recent outfit post asking where my rug in the background was from which prompted me to go on the pottery barn site to see if it was still available (since we had gotten it over a year ago)! It IS and it crushed my heart to see it on sale but, hey it happens. And I have absolutely loved having this rug in our home. It is soft for an indoor/outdoor rug and completely ties my home together. The Dayton is here and only left in a few sizes. Another one I fell in love with is the Serape Rug which is still available in all sizes and I’m REALLY having to sit on top of my hands not to click the purchase button. Hope one of you can capitalize on this sale!!!

Popcicle Mold


With the warm weather in full swing the kids and I love having boo coos of fruit around the house. I love waking up and having the option to juice, make smoothies, or just slice up a fruit salad. I ordered this popsicle mold on amazon about a month or so ago and we have used it a lot. It’s so fun to pour leftover smoothies in (note: if it is mainly yogurt it will not harden enough to hold it’s form) or slice up fruit and pour in a juice over the top. Strongly suggest keeping this baby in the freezer for the hot days of summer ahead!

L.L Bean X-Large Tote


A few Christmases ago my mother got us an extra large tote bag embroidered with our last name on it (with regular handles). I can now honestly say it’s the best gift she has ever gotten us. It is my go to bag for the pool or beach and holds A LOT. Made of a durable canvas the inside is surrounded with different size pockets and it has a build in keychain at the top for keys.  You can dump the sand out of it and sit out in the sun to dry if it gets wet. I’m sure you’ll see a picture of me surface this summer holding this bag. I consider it an extension of my family during the warm months here in Florida.

Monogrammed Baseball Hat

il_570xN.617214962_rhd8How cute are these monogrammed baseball hats? I stumbled upon them while searching for a cute summer baseball hat to throw on with my bathing suit, workout clothes, jeans and tee, you name it. I have been trying to really make an effort to be better about shading our skin from the sun and these hats are just so classic I love them!

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