Friday Files: Memorial Day Weekend

It’s a holiday weekend! We are excited to officially usher in summer and look forward to all the fun things that go along with that namely, sitting on the beach, frozen treats, holiday sales, and a lack of a weekday school schedule! This weekend is extra special because C’s very best friend is getting married (She’s been diligently fulfilling bridesmaid duties this week) and I’m super excited because the hubs and I will also be there to celebrate!  C’s two littles are in the wedding, so I’m looking forward to seeing S as a bridesmaid and JuJu as a self proclaimed “police man”.

Because of all the excitement of the weekend, we have a shortened version of Friday Files. 


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The nordstrom anniversary sale is in full swing and I could not be more excited!  A bunch of the items i’ve posted about in previous Friday Files are actually in the sale!  These Nike Juvenate’s are 25% off, the Bose Soundlink Mini is 10% off, and these Marc Fisher Karla Wedges are 40% off.  Which brings me to exactly why I L-O-V-E Nordstrom.  I purchased these wedges a week or two ago and when I noticed they were 40% off last night I immediately called customer care.  Within a 2 and half minute phone call they had price adjusted for me and refunded me about $65.  This is just one of the many many reasons I love them.  Not to mention free shipping and free returns.


Critical Cycles

critical cycle

My husband and I just purchased bikes for us and a few attachments for our kids and I am THRILLED!  We live in an area where you can ride your bike and get to a bunch of fun parks, restaurants, and city landmarks within a few minutes.  I am super late to the bike party; C has been riding her kids around town on her bike for a while now and I’ve been patiently waiting to join her.  NOW I CAN!!  We bought these Beaumont 7-speed bikes from Critical Cycles (the woman’s version is linked above, my husband got this men’s version).  They were comparable to other hybrid bikes and I like the way they look (style of bike is just an important as function right?!).   We also purchased this WeeRide Copilot for our oldest.  It is the absolute coolest (this is also an idea I got from C; she is a pioneer I tell you!).  My oldest loves it.  If you have a bike and a preschooler or older I highly suggested getting this.

The Thank You Book by Mo Willems

thank you book

My oldest gifted this book to her teachers on her last day of school.  We wrote a special note inside of each of their books and gave them with the hope they will use it in their class in the coming years.  This book is the last in the Elephant & Piggie Series by Mo Willems.  These are the sweetest books and so fun to read.  They are written as thought bubbles between Elephant & Piggie.  These are definitely great books for Preschooler-Elementary School and usually center around a life lesson.  In this book, Piggie decides she wants to thank everyone she knows.  I have started this series for my oldest and we plan to collect them all.  I am hoping they help with the learning to read process as well!

Lululemon Align Crop

align crop

Again with Lululemon, I know… but these align crops really are amazing.  I went into Lululemon this week to use a giftcard my in-laws gave me in December (how did I hold on to it this long?!).  I told the pant specialist that I needed new crops and she pulled these out and said they are a fast selling item, so when she has them she shows them to everyone (maybe she’s a good salesperson and this is why they always sell so fast?!).  Anyway, these are amazing.  They are meant to feel “naked” and they really do.  They are the lightest softest feeling crops I have ever worn.  Perfect for the summer.



My daughter has been going to Ballet at this awesome studio in our neighborhood since September.  Last night they got their recital costumes and tights for their upcoming recital.  She was so excited and so was I (living vicariously through her!).  I am so proud of her for sticking with Ballet for all these months and cannot thank her Ballet teacher and the studio enough for all they have done during this time.  I have seen her thrive and really enjoy herself each week.  We can’t wait for the upcoming recital!




I don’t have 5 things this week because the number 1 thing happening is the wedding of one of my best friends!!!  We have been friend’s since middle school and I am so excited to stand by her side as she marry’s her best friend and love of her life this weekend!  Wishing you many many many year’s of wedded bliss, Brittany!  Now off to continue wedding duties!!


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!



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