Summertime Ice Cream Party

In the excitement of the last day of school for us, we have a fun little ice cream party idea that can be thrown together last minute to celebrate!!

I recently found the cutest little wooden spoons and paper ice cream containers at Target. (Target is largely responsible for a lot of the crafty ideas we get). They had the cutest little ice cream section set up near their dishware section. Since they are no longer available I found a cheaper, similar 16 ct. set of spoons and cups for only $3.99!


I called CO to tell her about my find and she had the fantastic idea to make ice cream sandwiches!  She grabbed a jar of sprinkles, ice cream, and this Purely Simple Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix for the next hot day (which happened to be the next day after school).

A PSA – C grew up in a house where homemade chocolate chip cookies were made on the reg and they were THE BEST cookies EVER made.  You would secretly hope her mom was planning on making them or had just made some when you went to her house.  This hope lasted from kindergarten to college :)! I still think about those cookies!  So for being from a boxed mix, and having grown up on the BEST COOKIES EVER MADE, I think we are pretty good judges of chocolate chip cookies, and these were pretty good.  I definitely recommend trying them if you need the homemade taste with half the time.


For the ice cream party the kids were in swim suits and CO supervised while they played in the backyard sprinklers and I baked cookies (which really didn’t take long at all). Once the ice cream and semi-cooled cookies came out they were ready to dry off and make their little sandwiches .

If you have the time, we suggest making the cookies and, if you’re really prepared, the ice cream sandwiches ahead of time, and freezing them.  They would’ve been more hardy being rolled by excited toddlers through a bowl of sprinkles, if we had planned accordingly! Regardless, they had such fun rolling them in sprinkles and eating the messy creations.

They seriously looked and smelled so good that we made one of our own! The best part of this whole event is that since the kids had all of their water play toys out we filled a bucket with water and had them dunk their hands in for an easy wash. We also did this at the end with the ice cream scoop! Since this activity involved sugar we recommend doing it as a mid morning treat so it can wear off before bed time 😉


This is a great activity that can be thrown together last minute and make any day special!  Pull this out of your arsenal for the last day of school, or just a regular summer day when you’re trying to fill time.  You’re kids will think your the best and possibly think back on this day when they have kids of their own and wonder how you did it all with such ease. (You can fill them in on the boxed cookie mix then if you want!)




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