Mindful Monday

Good morning lovelies! I hope everyone had a great weekend! My husband was in a fitness competition on Saturday which included some of our city’s fittest people. I’ve always been in awe of his willpower and desire to challenge his limits. But, unfortunately he was hit with the funk Sunday morning…which landed him at Carespot. Our kids seem to be fighting off these lingering germs from both of us quite well but I stocked up on healthy, organic immune boosting foods to help fuel us this week. I’m hoping with summer just around the corner it will allow me more time to get back into the groove of well planned meals. So, this morning I woke up early to allow myself some meditation, peace and quiet with a cup of hot tea. Setting my alarm clock 20-30 minutes earlier than I need to always results in a better day for me. I end up feeling more organized having enjoyed “me” time before I have to start being “mom”. Sometimes I just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Sometimes I get a head start on packing lunches, unloading the dishwasher, or a load of laundry. Getting even one thing checked off the daily “to do” list really gives you a sense of accomplishment to tackle the rest of that day. Happy Monday! 

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