Friday Files

The 3rd Edition of Friday Files is here!


Life Promises for Couples Devotional

A friend recommended this couples devotional written by Gary Chapman, whom also wrote The Five Love Languages.  My husband and I take turns reading aloud one passage each night after the girls go down.  It starts with a few bible verses and then has a corresponding passage on the following page.  I enjoy that the bible verses tie into everyday experiences couples go through.  It has opened up dialogue between us that I thought we were already good at, but this proves there is always room for improvement!  Sometimes the passage just serves as a reminder for both of us on how we should handle or perceive certain situations.  If you are looking for a devotional to do as a couple, I recommend this!  It usually takes us no more than 10 minutes each night and we both feel more connected when we are done. It is definitely an easy addition to your routine.

Bose Soundlink Mini

This little bad boy is awesome!  My parents gifted it to my husband for his 30th and we have used it every day since.  The sound is amazing and it uses Bluetooth to connect to multiple devices.  We use it while we cook, during workouts in the backyard, while the girls are playing in the backyard, and I’ve even used it to play nursery rhymes when I needed my toddler to play quietly in her crib (and it got me a solid 30 minutes!!).  If you are in the market for a portable speaker look no further – this is truly the best.

Target Exfoliating Wipes

I am an avid user of facial wipes.  I love them for quick mornings when I don’t have time to wash my face, after workouts, on hot days, basically anytime!  I have been loyal to Neutrogena but noticed they left my face feeling like it had a film and sometimes it would burn the skin around my eyes.  The other day (during one of my NUMEROUS Target trips) I grabbed these Up&Up Exfoliating Towelettes.  I am a convert now.  I am their biggest fan.  These aren’t super wet so my face doesn’t feel slimy after I use them.  They have little bumps in the cloth so they exfoliate and provide a nice little massage as you use them.  Not to mention they are at least $1 cheaper (budget nerd over here) and they smell pretty good.  If you are in the market, try these next time!

Nike Sneakers

I am WAY overdue for new sneakers. Workout sneakers to be exact, but I find I’m always drawn to casual Nike’s as well. I love a good pair of “sneaks”, as my dad would call them, to throw on with jeans and run errands in (or wear everyday to work while pregnant as I did with my second pregnancy – nothing like business causal paired with trusty Nike Internationalists!). So of course on my hunt for new workout Nikes I found a pair of casual Nikes I love as well!  Below are my two picks; Nike Juvenates for workouts and the #momiform of workout clothes and Nike Air Max Thea for everyday jeans and t-shirts.  As much as I would love to get both immediately I think next on my list are the Nike Juvenates.

Nike Air Max Thea

Nike Juvenate

 Sheryl Sandberg UC Berkeley Commencement Speech

On Wednesday, I read the above linked article on Sheryl Sandberg’s commencement speech at UC Berkeley.  She spoke about her experience with her husband’s untimely death and one of her coping mechanisms.  She explained she takes time each night to write down three moments of joy she experienced that day.  I decided I would start this; I immediately realized that I don’t always take time to reflect on all the good each day.  I get to0 easily caught up in the routine of the day and trying to “get things done”.  I am one day in and so far I love it!  I take a few minutes each night and write down three moments that brought me joy that day.  I try to write how it made me feel and a few specifics from the moment.  I am using my One Line A Day Journal to write in (the picture is linked if you click it).  I am hoping to stick with this new habit and in 5 years I’ll have a plethora of joyful moments to look back on!  Honestly though, it has helped me end each day and start each morning with a new appreciation for all of life’s blessings.


Rebecca Minkoff Charging Wristlet


My husband and I were recently on a San Francisco trip with a friends to see a beautiful couple we know get married. When you’re traveling you are out and about constantly taking in the sights, late dinners, etc. At home, I usually don’t stray far from the house (exciting life I live, right?) for too long and if I do with a low phone battery I grab a car charger. At a lot of traveling destinations this is not an option, unless you have a rental car.  SO, one of our friends carried this little clutch around on the trip with her cards and phone in it and we were ALL using it constantly because this little clutch my friends CHARGES your phone while it is sitting in there. Genius. The link to ShopBop is above (which had the best price I could find aside from Verizon which was sold out). I also found a Kate Spade version with lighter and brighter spring color options here Kate Spade

Harmless Harvest


I might’ve complained to everyone and their mom about this cold I am on the tail end of. Because of this cold I sent my toddler to dress up day… on the wrong day. All of these days were just feeling so LONG I swore it had to be Wednesday already when it was only Tuesday. I am on Day 7 and although I can breathe again it is still lingering in my chest and I’m constantly thirsty. My family calls me ” the camel” as it is because I rarely drink fluids so in situations like these.. and bachelorette parties, days at the beach, etc. these are my go to dehydration remedy. If you have tried other coconut water brands and didn’t like it I challenge you to try this brand. It’s incredible.

Carter’s Sale


Carter’s always pleasantly surprises me with their clothing and accessories. Even their toys are on Melissa & Doug level if you ask me. So,  if you are on the hunt for anything your littles need this summer… Run, don’t walk, to Carter’s! PJ’s are $14 for all sizes, ALL shoes are $12, $10 Dresses, $5 T-shirts, they have 50% off all new arrivals and an additional 25% OFF sale items. I finally found a cute and CHEAP pair of wedding shoes for my son, who will be a ring bearer in an upcoming wedding, and lives in sneakers on a day to day basis. As well as quite a few cute things for our daughter as well! You won’t regret it!

WeatherTech Cargo Liner


This doesn’t look very exciting but it was definitely on my list for Mother’s Day until I landed on a farmhouse patio table. I haven’t driven an SUV since my early college days and now that I have one again I’m really not sure how I managed raising two babies with a sedan. *Pat on back* but I did it! We recently got our Santa Fe at the beginning of this year and I love it but my one wish is that we had gotten the floors covered. I think the idea that you can see the “trunk” of this car rather than closing a hood and forgetting about it really bothers me. I also have never in my life been given a new car so I have this deep desire to keep it clean and tidy!

Sunbrella Maxim Classic


So, while my Mother’s Day farmhouse table is being built by my husbo. I have been trying to think of ways to rehab an old rusting wrought iron patio table passed down to us from my in-laws. My husband thinks it’s trash but I love having people over and the idea of extra seating in the backyard is so tempting to keep.  These cushions have been on my radar since our backyard doesn’t have a theme yet. The classic black & white cabaña stripes just scream vacation and who doesn’t want to step out back and feel like they’re on a vacation?

Have a great weekend and stay cool (it’s been ugly hot over here)!!!


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