Summer Photoshoot and Target Dresses

I try my best to take mini themed pictures of the girls each season.  When I saw these Stripe Sun Dresses by Genuine Kids from Oshkosh at Target I immediately thought up a Summer/Memorial Day/July 4th Theme in my head!

How cute are these dresses!

The best part (which I missed out on but you definitely shouldn’t) is dresses at target are BOGO 50% off right now!  I personally feel like the kids clothing selection at target can be hit or miss and right now it’s definitely a hit. There are a handful of summer dresses that I have my eye on for the girls. The current BOGO sale is a great time to stock up.

This Striped Sun Dress is perfect for the summer holidays coming up. When I bought them I immediately decided I could pull out our red wagon (a staple in our girls photos) and put the Flag in front of our blooming jasmine and bam, have the perfect American themed shoot.

My husband loves anything with an American flag in it (he had our wedding photographer on the hunt for a flag to have in the background off one of our pictures and to this day it is one of our favorites). Because of that, I thought I could kill two birds and have it double has a Father’s Day gift. To be honest, I may have to redo the photo shoot because my timing was off; it was nap time (#momfail).

I did get a few cute photos though and the dress is so cute on both girls it helped with some of the scowls I captured in the photos.  As long as they look good while being moody, am I right?!


The end of my wishful thinking


These are the perfect dresses for the summer holidays!  Run to target before the BOGO sale ends!!

Here are a few more of my current favorites at Target.

Cherokee Embroidered Lawn Dress

Pom Pom Dress

Blue Eyelet Dress

 (My Mother-in-Law grabbed this one for both girls and it’s super cute on them!)


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