LO + I have been brainstorming lately how to add meaningful content to our blog. Our intentions were that aside from sharing fun ideas and products we could also share thoughtful gestures which would not only help others, but ourselves in the process. We came up with the idea of #mindfulmondays. It had a nice ring to it and the idea of consciously beginning an entire week on the right foot seemed like a really great habit to start.

I sat down to write this post and decided to hop on Instagram to see how many #mindfulmonday posts there were. 1,168. #mindfulmondays had much less at 243. To tell you the truth they were largely all screen shots of quotes or pictures of yoga. I was disappointed. Slightly disappointed because I myself am one of those people that loves quotes. I once bought a book completely full of famous quotes. I get it. You read quotes and get the “feels” then want to share it so everyone else can get the feels too!  And yoga. Enough said.

But, what if instead of taking five seconds to repost a quote, we started actively doing things to change Monday. To change the way you start the week. To change it in a positive way for others… To change the world. I know, big dreamer over here but you get the jest.

Every Monday LO or I will share an action you can take to make your Monday Mindful and post it on IG with the hashtag #mindfulmonday #loandcofiles. Mindful Monday actions are meant to be intentional ways to start your week. Whether it be to take time for yourself, make the dreaded first day of the week fun for your family, or do something for another. Please share these #mindfulmonday posts if you feel inclined, it may help soomeone you know take away the Monday blues! I’m really looking forward to the outcome of this.
We will start easy this week – for #mindfulmonday take 5 minutes to sit or walk outside and breathe deeply! That’s it. Put away the phone, shut the door, close your eyes, and breathe. You can even do this with your kids. It’s amazing what some quiet and fresh air can do for the mind!


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