Friday Files

It’s Friyay!! This week flew by! We’re back with another edition of Friday Files. This is what is currently on our minds for this week…


 BR Flutter Sleeve Eyelet Dress

Banana Republic is killing it lately with their dresses!  I’ve been looking around for a few versatile summer dresses that can tackle wedding season and the showers that come along with them. Homestly, these are versatile enough to work for anything. Plus it’s always good to have a few choices for Sunday’s! This eyelet flutter sleeve dress is my favorite out of all of them but honestly I have about 6 that I love right now from Banana. (Check out the Geo Lace Sheer Panel Dress too).

 Dry Brushing

I’ve started Dry Brushing.  Most people look perplexed when I excitedly tell them this.  I bought this dry brush at target for $6 and started that day.  You use this coarse bristle brush to dry brush your skin in long sweeping strokes, starting at your feet and working towards you heart before taking a shower.  The health benefits to this are, exfoliation, stimulation of the lymphatic system, helps reduce cellutlite (yay), opens up pores, and it can prevent ingrown hairs.  I have noticed my skin is much softer and smoother since I have started.  Even if it doesn’t stand up to all the cleansing benefits it claims to do, I still recommend and will continue to do because I love the way my skin feels.  It makes your skin feel warm and alive, for lack of a better word.

Mesh Insert Rashguard

One can never have enough rashguards, in my humble opinion.  I started religiously wearing these when I was pregnant with my littlest and haven’t stopped since.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve become acutely aware of the negative effects the sun can have on your skin and as a precaution I try my best to wear protective clothing and sunscreen as much as possible.  Rashguards are a stylish way of doing that and this JCrew Mesh Insert Rashguard is the most stylish.  It is classic black and the mesh inserts add an edge.  This was sold out a few months ago, but it is currently back in stock.  You better believe I have it in my cart as I am writing this! JCrew never disappoints in their rashguard selection and this season is no different.  So if you are looking for a stylish way to protect your skin from the sun check out their selection!

Daniel Wellington Watch

My husband surprised me with this watch for Valentine’s Day (all on his own – I was extremely impressed)!  I love this line of watches.  They have a few different sizes and faces but don’t stray too far from this simple, classic style.  I wear my DW watch religiously.  The face is thin, so it isn’t too bulky or over powering and the leather strap is beautiful.  It is the perfect watch; it can be dressed up or down and literally goes with everything.  The strap is also interchangeable (which locks in it’s versatility) and they have some really cute nylon bands that would be great for summer.

Beaches by Gray Malin

Photographer, Gray Malin’s book, Beaches, came out this week.  I love Gray Malin’s photos.  I can (and do) lose a good chunk of time getting lost in his work.  This book is a collection of his aerial photographs of beaches from around the world.  His photos are fun and beautiful through their use of light and shapes.  When I look at his pictures I automatically find myself wishing I could be in that particular place.  If you are looking for a gift or a coffee table book to add to your home this is the perfect addition.  It’s a book of summer playgrounds!


Petit Vour

Petit Vour

Petit Vour is the monthly beauty subscription box (like a Birch Box) that only sends non-toxic, cruelty free + vegan, ethically made items. I am so excited to try this! If you’re anything like me once my 20s started closing in I began to realize how important the ingredients and beliefs of a company are behind the product you are using on your body. Also, I was told recently that sleeping in your makeup causes premature aging (so I have a lot of making up to do from my college years). At $15/month this allows you to find new, clean products for your skin without scouring the stores and Internet. I’m sold.

Dog Rocks



This edition of the Friday Files is really showing my age with my first post on beauty and skincare and the second on keeping my lawn green. But, I am staying true to myself and I cannot stand looking at the yellow patches on our green lawn every time I walk outside. I remember reading about these once in an article and decided to place an order myself! Cheers to having green grass again and not holding a grudge against man’s best friend!

Backpack Trend

Do you ever discover something that you never knew you needed? Then once that item has been implemented into your life it is a game changer, right? Like that time I realized I needed glasses. I adore this backpack trend that has been on the horizon for exactly that reason. After my second child was born I was given a “diaper bag backpack” which was amazing as a mom to have two arms free. I had said goodbye to two functioning arms a while ago and had faced my fate. But, the fact that this idea has carried into everyday fashion makes me want shout from the rooftops. I also love a good little cross body bag but it can only hold so much. Every major accessory and bag designer has added a backpack to their line but this one caught my eye. Definitely planning on adding a backpack into my summer wardrobe.

 Varsity Tee

This tee. I wear it once a week. I know it’s nothing special, yet somehow…every week…. it is added into my rotation lately. It’s comfy. It washes well. It was $10. And I can throw it on with workout leggings, jeans, shorts, you name it. The black and white is classic but I plan on adding in the powder blue trim soon.

Aimee Wilder

I began the process of planning out my son’s big boy room and cannot get over this wallpaper. I literally catch myself day dreaming about it. It comes in nine different color options ranging from subtle to loud to girly to boy-ish and I have decided this motif will have to be incorporated into my dwelling at some point whether it be in a beach house, my son’s walls, or on pillows (yes- it comes as fabric also). Isn’t it a beauty?


Have a great weekend!



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