Friday Files

Happy Friday!

We’ve decided it would be fun (and keep us organized) to share anything, five items to be exact, we are each loving for the current week.  Our text messages to each other either consist of the weird, and most of the time hilarious, things our kids are doing or the many many things we’ve found from online shopping or crazy ideas we’ve come up with to entertain or simplify our life. We share constantly; if nothing else to make each other laugh or make life a little easier.

This is in no way groundbreaking material here. We’ve seen this topic on plenty of other blogs and think it’s an awesome idea (kudos to everyone who paved this path before us). In these posts every Friday you’ll be able to look forward to five things CO and I are each coveting for the week.

(All items are linked in their name.)


Lululemon Speed Short

lulu speed shortLululemon can do no wrong.  Every piece of Lululemon I own is comfortable, looks great and lasts forever.  These shorts are no exception.  They are my new favorite workout, casual, you name it, shorts.  They have a built in zip pocket in the back, a hidden pocket in the front and the best part… they look great on everyone.  I will definitely be adding a few more to more arsenal this summer.

Blue Lizard Sunscreen

Blue Lizard

My Dermatologist recently recommended this sunscreen for my littles.  First of all, if it’s Australian obviously it’s some pretty good sunscreen.  Blue Lizard is paraben and chemical free and contains Zinc Oxide (many sunscreens sold at target and drugstores do not contain zinc).  Zinc is great for littles because it protects them without being absorbed.  The bottle also turns blue in UV light, which makes it incredibly fun for my littles to realize they need to put some on.  I have been using this for the last few weeks in the sun and it’s worked like a charm.  No sunburns on my kids soft, smooth skin!

Marc Fisher Karla Wedge

karla wedge

I am always on the hunt for a good wedge.  I am constantly in search for the perfect “go with everything, but still fun” wedge, and I think I have found it!  I am currently coveting these Marc Fisher “Karla” wedges.  They are available in four different colors, all beautiful, but my neutral loving heart is obsessed with the neutral suede.  The double buckle adds the interesting, but not overstated, little detail I was looking for.  I will be adding these to my wardrobe for summer.

p.s. Marc Fisher has a handful of awesome wedges and platform espadrilles worth looking at.  Browse through the selection at Nordstrom!

Kidcraft Outdoor Table

kidcraft table

The Easter Bunny dropped off this table for the girls on Easter morning.  SHE must be one smart Bunny to order this from Amazon and solicit Mr. Bunny to put it together!  We use this ALL the time for outdoor meals, play dough, watercolor painting, you name it.  It seriously has been the best investment for the girls outside.  It gets daily use.



Mint is changing my budget loving life!  I created the account almost a year ago but never sat down and actually put time into it and looked at our budget trends.  At the time I heard about it, I still felt my format for our budget and finances worked for us.  This past month I decided I really wanted to have a better way to look at the trends of our spending.  It also doesn’t hurt that all of our accounts and bills are in one place (why was I doing a wild goose chase all over the internet for so long?!).  I love that we can track all of our spending, I can pay my bills and get reminders, and I can see ALL of our accounts (including retirement, property assests, HSA, everything) in one place.  I did pretty well following a zero based budget but started to feel like we were slacking.  Mint has really shown us where our money is going and has reenergized us to prioritize our money and nitpick even minor purchases (because they add up to big expenses on those pretty, yet telling graphs).


Skinny Leather Snap Stud Belt


I was originally going to write about the double buckle trend but couldn’t stop thinking about this belt that I tried on months ago at a local shop. You can snap completely wrapped around your waist for a clean line, leave some hanging down or tuck it in. It is so versatile and a way to add instant sophistication to any outfit.

Radiant Tampons with Clean Resealable Wrapper


Sorry. Without too many details, I’ll never use another kind again so it was worth sharing.

Pioneer Woman Adeline Tumblers


My daughter loves the Pioneer Woman (as do I) so when a friend told me about this line for Wal-Mart of all places I had to check it out. If you sift through there are so many cute, affordable and DISHWASHER SAFE items. These remind me of my pottery barn tumblers that were more expensive and have to be hand washed. #winning

Torie and Howard Chews


I bought these at Starbucks for my kids and now it’s mind over matter not to buy them every time I go in. They’re so, so good. If you like to keep a sweet treat on hand without overdoing it this is it.

Yoki Boot


I have been coveting these boots since Fall. They have a sleek, black option as well as a weathered grey to suit two different styles and looks. The open back almost makes these year round worthy in Florida. I would pair these with a dress, shorts, or skinny jeans.

It’s the freakin weekend!


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