FREE Babysitting


Little Date Night

That’s right. I said it. FREE BABYSITTING. Did I catch your attention?!

Recently, Lo’s husband suggested the genius idea of us baby sitting each other’s children for a free date night trade off. The deal was to keep it an early evening, lasting about two hours, and whoever has the children for the night is in charge of feeding the whole clan at their home.

We are lucky to live closely to Lo’s family which is truly remarkable to think two best friends from preschool ended up landing less than five minutes from one another raising their families. Because of this we are around each other frequently going on adventures and finding activities to wear our kids out together.  Our children feel comfortable around Lo’s family and vice versa. All of this time spent together has led to LO and I both becoming astutely aware of each of our kid’s quirks and personalities (aka which ones need a serious eye kept on them) which makes anticipating their moves a little easier. 

Since we’ve come up with this GENIUS idea we’ve each gotten a free date night out of it. The kids seriously have a ball, they entertain each other and they end up having so much fun they pass out for an early bedtime! On top of all of it the parents get an adult dinner void of interruptions and tantrums. It’s a win- win!

We still have our extended families and the babysitter whom we love. We continue to call on them for actual events we plan on attending and have to be fully prepared to pay for babysitting on top of whatever that event’s costs entail. There are always weddings, birthdays, engagements, restaurant openings, etc. While we love celebrating with our friends on all of their special milestones, it is also so very important to have a moment to ourselves and remember the two people and their love which is the reason these beautiful little children came into this world.

I come from a divorced family and I look back into my childhood and honestly cannot remember my parents going on dates or vacations together as I grew older. I can’t remember my father bringing home flowers or gifts for my mother. I can’t remember my parents holding hands or kissing. When I started dating I didn’t know how to act or display affection. I wasn’t sure how relationships really worked and it took me a while dating to figure out how to show my appreciation and learn to be in a mutually respectful, loving relationship. I owe my husband a lot for cultivating that environment for me to naturally fall into. I want my children to see this and although I understand it is not a foolproof plan for them to find true love and happiness I hope it increases the probability for it that much more. I want them to see us putting each other first and making time for our relationship.

With that said, if you’re already thinking of that special friend’s family who you love dearly, your friends that are more like an aunt and uncle to your children and have children of their own that feel like nieces and nephews, those friends that are probably longing for a quiet meal together, CALL THEM!  Call them now and tell them you have a great idea to make sure you both get out once or twice a month for a date night! Set up a date night swap!

I hope that by sharing this we have helped you figure out a way to affordably fit a few  date nights into your schedule each month. 🙂


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