Egg Carton Scavenger Hunt

In the spirit of Spring and Easter being upon us we have a fun time killer activity for you and your littles!  We planned an Egg Carton Scavenger hunt for the littles of the neighborhood and it was a hit!  Not only does it make good use of all those egg cartons you will have laying around after Easter egg decorating, but it is entertaining for a wide range of ages.

To create this activity, CO cut egg cartons in half so each little would have a carton with six spots.  She then painted a different color at the bottom of each spot.  The premise behind this activity is to find an item that is in the color group of each spot and place it in there.


To make sure everyone was well hydrated and had energy for the hunt, CO provided a pretty great spread of juices and fruit.


Once everyone had their fill of snacks, CO grabbed the attention of all the littles and explained the rules of the hunt.  Simply put, to find an item in the yard that matched each color spot in their carton.  The ages we had participate ranged from 2-5 years and everyone was able to understand the basic idea.  Once we felt everyone understood, off they went!

Prior to this activity CO took a walk around her backyard and was able to identify most of the colors; anything she felt she didn’t have enough of for each little she strategically placed items that could fit in that spot.  This activity would also be great done during a walk through your neighborhood, at a public garden, or a city park.

Working together to find what they need.

While the older few were able to take off on their own, CO led the younger ones and helped them as they needed it.  We found that most of the littles were collaborative during this activity; they were excited to help each other out.  While we did this as a group, this can definitely be done solo too.

When they were done we found some of them sitting and admiring their items.  They even asked if they could do it again.  They were all so proud of their treasures.  We found the egg cartons held up pretty well, and this is something that can be made once and stored away for future scavenger hunts.  We have plans to do another soon!

This is a great activity to do as a family this weekend!  Get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather!



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