Painted Pot Gift Idea

In our house we always look forward to Spring and all the activities leading up to it! One of our very favorite Spring time activities is planting new flowers in our flower beds and pots.  My little loves to pick out the flowers and help plan where they should be planted.
We had been having an especially warm February which meant we were in the spring spirit even earlier than the norm. My mom’s birthday is in February and thanks to Court’s fabulous pot painting party for her 5 year old and my mom’s love for gardening, my little and I decided what could be better than painting a large flower pot for Grandma’s birthday? So off we went to the craft store.

At the craft store we picked up one large pot and one small pot (sister had to do one for herself).  We also grabbed a few patio paint colors and a cheap set of brushes and sponges.  In total, the cost for everything at the craft store was $22. If you would like to keep the cost down you can totally get away buying only a small size pot (and I believe they are cheaper at hardware stores than craft stores).

When we got home, I rolled out some craft paper, put the paints on a paper plate and we got to work.  My little artist loves crafts like these; I usually let her do her thing without much guidance.  I genuinely like the mish-mash of colors that ended up on the pots.  I am absolutely certain that Grandma loves her tye-dye esq pot too!

Spoiler Alert: Because the paint stays on the pots outdoors it does not wash out of clothes easily… Junk shirts or birthday suits might be best!


While the pots dried, we took a ride to our local garden center.  My girls L-O-V-E going here!  This is not only a garden center but a small farm in my children’s eyes. I have to admit, we will sometimes ride over there just to feed the chickens and get outside; we enjoy it that much.   On this particular day there happened to be the biggest selection of colorful flowers, the chickens were out in full force and my oldest walked away with a complimentary pink flower plant that was perfect for the little pot.  It was definitely a successful trip.  (Grandma’s birthday present turned out to be the best idea ever!)

Feeding the chickens (my oldest loves to mix patterns)

While at the garden center, we picked out a few different flowers including pansies and supertunias (because even the blackest thumb can keep them alive) and we grabbed a bag of their awesome potting soil (seriously THE BEST).  Once we got home we planted the flowers in the pots and called it a day.  Grandma loved her gift and we had fun putting it together.  This is a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift or birthday gift, a craft to fill time, or even a birthday party activity.  So if you need a fun idea, keep this in mind, especially with Mother’s Day coming up! – LO



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