“Stick Around” Valentine



Here is another cute Valentine idea with a wrapping that can wear many hats. This year I decided to stroll down the party favor aisle and let my daughter choose an item to give her friends. She was insistent on sticky homework snatchers so I made a mental note of the phrase that popped in my head: “I hope you STICK around cuz I really like you”and threw them in the cart. After grabbing some gold metallic washi tape & striped pillow boxes we were all set. Lucky for me, I already had the rest of the supplies at home.

I am going to tell you a secret – always keep some fun colors of twine at home. And always ask for a few paper bags when you are at the grocery store. I am getting off topic here – but just trust me. These items are clutch when you remember you have three birthday parties this weekend and forgot wrapping paper. And twine just makes everything look cuter.

Back to these cute little Valentines… Please see exhibit B for my ancient 1998 Microsoft Word write up tags. Easy.

Where to find your supplies:

  1. Metallic Washi Tape
  2. Pink Twine
  3. Cardstock Printing Paper
  4. Sticky Hands
  5. Hole Punch
  6. Striped Pillow Boxes (I grabbed red striped boxes at my Target, however they were nowhere to be found on their website so these pink ones are an even better option if you can plan ahead).



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