Mommy Valet via Chic Fil A


chick-fil-aEat. Mor. Chikin. Guys. We seriously love Chick Fil A. If anyone knows the founders… please direct them to our blog and we will gladly be their sponsors in return for food.

Have you heard of Mommy Valet? It is a service offered by Chic Fil A and it is life changing folks. We decided to give it a whirl on a rainy Thursday to cure a strong dose of cabin fever. Lauren and I drove separately and I went through the drive thru line first. As soon as I mentioned “mommy valet” the attendant immediately got a smile in her voice. This girl had already clearly won the “most friendly” superlative at her high school and still took it up a notch. I got to the window and paid along with informing them my friend and fellow mom would be joining us at the table a few cars back. “No problem – we will sit you at the closest table to the play area.”

I park and begin texting Lauren this plan so she is well informed when she pulls up to the window. But then, I feel a shadow hovering next to me. A Chick Fil A manager was waiting for me with a party size umbrella and chauffeured my son and I inside like a knight in shining armor.

They had the closest table to the playground set with all of our food, a high chair and a place mat when we walked in.

There it was – our table set with all of our food and drinks, the correct amount of high chairs, and an attendant waiting to ask if we needed anything else. A baby sitter? Just kidding…. but, for real. I realized that I bypassed at least three tantrums at this point and consider the day a win no matter which turn the meal takes.  Even more of a miracle, Lauren and I were able to get in at least 10 minutes of adult conversation while the littles played in the play area next to the table.  If nothing else, we are grateful to Chic Fil A for the 10 minutes of adult time.

Whether you are a mom, a dad, an aunt, a nanny – you get the idea. Try this and you can thank us later.


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