“You Rock” DIY Valentine

You Rock

I try to turn any mom responsibility into an artsy project.  Although it’s obviously more work, (cue my husband grumbling as he looks at me elbow deep in paper, scissors and metallic tape) it’s a way to feed that creative monster living inside some of us (namely me).  For my son’s class Valentines this year, I decided to use the phrase “You Rock!”.  He is all boy and loves the song “bad to the bone” so it was a perfect fit!

I used a cardstock weight printer paper and let the boy go to town with his watercolors. This was an awesome time filling activity and he genuinely enjoyed it. Once the painted paper dried, I cut out a heart shape and used it as a template for the other fifteen.  I wrote: “You Rock!” & “Happy Coloring!”,  hole punched each heart, filled a cellophane bag with a crayon gem, tied it with twine and poof, done!

Here are the supplies:

  1. White Cardstock
  2. Watercolor Paint
  3. Gem Crayons I used the Modern Kid Target brand. However, the website says “No Longer Available” (perhaps only in stores). These etsy ones are super cute too!
  4. Twine
  5. Cellophane Treat Sacks


Not listed: Scissors and Hole Punch

Completed Valentines!


Although I created these for class Valentine’s they would also be great as party favors, end of school year gifts, and a birthday gift (if given with the whole set and a coloring book).  File this idea away for next year or even a last minute need!

Happy creating!





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