Simple Kids Valentine Party


Courtney and I are constantly talking about the multitude of ideas running through our heads of fun things we could do with our kids.  Planning and creating is so fun for us and our kids get to enjoy the fruits of our labor (if you can even classify it as labor).

A week ago we decided we wanted to surprise the littles with a Valentine’s Day themed party to help welcome February and get everyone in the spirit of love.  We are in the business of spreading out holidays for a long as possible; everyone is generally in a better mood when there is a holiday to celebrate.  If nothing else, it was a good excuse to dress the kids in the Love Day clothes we had both recently purchased and get a few good pictures!

The Style

The four littles in their Valentine’s Day best!

On Friday after school we dressed the littles up in their Valentine’s best and surprised them with the party.  We had both purchased their outfits without planning, but when we got them together we were pretty impressed with how well they all coordinated!  There are so many cute options for Valentine’s outfits that aren’t over the top and could definitely be worn for more than just the holiday.  (My girls have been getting good use out of their Gap Mini Heart dresses).  Below are links to the outfits they are wearing in the above picture.  Some of the items are no longer available so I linked similar options.


The Party

Full Tablescape

Everything we used to create the party cost just around $25 in total, if not less. Most of what we grabbed last minute was found in the Target dollar section and the party section.  The two Valentine’s day themed banners also came from target.  Courtney had the brilliant idea to create a tablecloth from a drop cloth, and it really tied everything together.  The DIY instructions for the drop cloth tablecloth are in this post.  It was so easy and ended up being the perfect addition.

DIY drop cloth tablecloth
Gold foil plates and gold foil confetti from Target

Everything we used to execute this party was simple, quick and fairly cheap.  The kids had a blast and we felt as if we accomplished a well thought out party on a really small budget.  Just call us SUPER MOMS!

Milk bottle cups from the Target dollar section. We added chalkboard name plate stickers.

Courtney baked some simple donuts and heart shaped mini cakes the day of the party.  The kids decorated the donuts with a basic buttercream and some heart shaped sprinkles.  We made a pink strawberry coconut milk by blending together some frozen strawberries and coconut milk.

Our little loves decorated baked donuts with simple homemade icing and heart sprinkles.

Needless to say the kids had a great time, we filled 2+ hours of their day, and it was surprisingly easy and budget friendly for us.  Courtney and I were more than happy since we found a way to channel our creativity over the course of the week and got some really cute pictures of the lovey doves.

If you want to throw a little Valentine Party or even plan a last minute family breakfast, there are so many cheap and easy items you can pick up last minute to help make it magical!




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