DIY Dropcloth Tablecloth

When planning the Valentine Party we decided we needed a focal point to pull all of our decorations together.  I came up with the idea of making a tablecloth from a hardware store drop cloth.  It seemed like a simple enough project and would protect the play table from any messes.  At the time I thought it would be easy to execute but I did not expect how easy and how good it would look when we were done.  We used this tablecloth for our party but this would even be perfect as a day to day play mat to throw down outside for the kids.  It was so cost effective, that who cares if they make a mess out of it!

Drop cloth, Painters Tape, Packaging Tape, Spray Paint

I already had the painter’s tape (which we only ended up adding for the visual aspect to make it easier to see the design in pictures). To make this you will only need:

  1. Canvas Drop Cloth (we used the smallest 4 x 5 which fit great on the play table; you might need a larger size if using a true adult size table) $5.98 at Lowes
  2. Premium Gloss Spray Paint 12 oz. (I used the entire bottle on this design so plan accordingly to the space you plan to cover) $3.38 at Lowes
  3. Packaging Tape $5.98 (I had a large amount leftover so we’ll say it cost $1.50 towards the project)
Tape out your design

We pretty much winged it on the design but did use a measuring tape and pencil to loosely map out where to tape. I am so pleased with how this turned out I have already been brain storming different ideas for future parties: stripes, stars, chevron, etc. & Voilà… your $11 tablecloth!



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